10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India For 2021 with Buying Guide

For any Indian household, Kitchen holds utmost importance. No matter how busy we get with our lives we crave for home-cooked food and often prefer it over ordering food from outside or going out. But do you know the kitchen is also one of the main sources of indoor pollution? In the last few years, hundreds of thousands of Indian households finally shifted to LPG based cooking system but the problem of smoke and allergens spreading in the air while cooking is still a persistent problem.

This is where Kitchen Chimney can play an important role. It is an important investment that will save you not only from indoor air pollution but will also suck the small particles spreading around while you are preparing tadka. You might have noticed in the kitchen that over the time the appliances and the walls get greasy with old and microscopic food particles start to appear in patches. The kitchen chimney will suck these particles before they can settle down on wall or appliances.

There are a lot of factors that you should consider while choosing the right kitchen chimney for your home or workplace. Depending on the size of the kitchen and what kind of food you normally prepare, the choice may vary from home to home. After extensive research on Kitchen Chimneys available in the Indian market and the needs of buyers, we have come up with a list of factors, features and the best Chimneys to choose from.

Things to Remember while Choosing Chimney

Before you start your search for the Kitchen Chimney, you should understand the importance of a few factors as follows:

Size of the kitchen

If your kitchen is small, a chimney with 1000 cubic meter per hour capacity makes no sense or vice versa. It is important to do some research and check which chimney will be the best for the kitchen of your home depending on its size.

Suction power

The capacity of the chimney motor to suck food and oil particles along with smoke is called suction power. It is mentioned in cubic meter per hour in the description of the chimney. For Indian households, it is recommended to have a chimney with higher suction power. Based on the size of your kitchen the capacity may vary from 400 cubic meters per hour to 1000 cubic meter per hour.


If the filters are not strong enough, the suction power will not work properly. Also, it is important to clean the chimney on regular intervals prescribed by the company to avoid any problems in the functioning.


Make sure to check with the company if the chimney comes with silent-kit installed or not. The chimney makes noise because of the air circulation and you may not like to hear it every day.


Based on the price and features of the chimney, you may get single or multiple speed options. If you have a good budget, a chimney with multiple speed options will be a better choice.

Covered motor

In some chimneys, the companies do not seal the motor which is a total disaster. The dust and food particles can easily settle on the unsealed motor causing it to slow down or stop working altogether. To ensure that your chimney works properly to make sure that you buy the one that comes with a sealed motor.


You may think about how the design will matter for a chimney but think about in this way that you are going to install it in your home. In any case, someone will definitely come to your kitchen and if the chimney has good design, it will definitely leave an impression.

Reviews of Top 10 Electric Chimneys in India

1 Felixe Modular Kitchen Chimney

image of T shaped chimenyBest suited for small kitchen both home and professional, Felixe Modular Kitchen Chimney comes with amazing design and is very easy to use. It has the suction capacity of 1100 cubic meter per hour and comes fitted with 2 baffle filters. The chimney has 2 LED lamps which are good enough to illuminate your cooking area perfectly. The company provides after-sales services at over 250 locations making it much easier to get the filters changed and repair done if required. The chimney has touch button panel. The ducting hose pipe is expandable as per the requirement. It comes with 1 year comprehensive and 5-year motor warranty.

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2. KATTICH CROMA 60 CM  Auto-clean Kitchen chimney

image of sliver & black chimney

If you are looking for a comparatively silent chimney with best possible performance, then Kattich will be the best option for you. It comes fitted with state-of-the-art electro-thermal auto-clean technology that keeps the chimney clean from the inside with the help of heat. It reduces the need for cleaning it too frequently. The company claims that in ideal conditions you need to clean it only once in 6 months. The chimney has powerful suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter per hour which makes it ideal for both small and medium-sized kitchens. The centralized easy-touch control panel makes it much easier for you to operate the chimney. The company provides 1 year comprehensive and 5-year motor warranty.

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3 Faber 90 cm Box-Type Kitchen Chimney 2021

screenshot of Faber's rectangular Indian kitchen chimney

One of the very few chimneys that come with 10-year warranty on motor along with the 1-year comprehensive warranty, Faber 90cm Box-Type chimney is simple yet very powerful. The chimney not only removes the smoke etc but also purifies the air. It comes with 3 baffle filters fitted inside and has 3-speed options making it even more desirable. The 1000 cubic meters per hour suction capacity is good for small and medium-size kitchens. The chimney has touch panel to control different features.

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4 KAFF 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

screenshot of electric chimney with long hood

Stainless steel body, long-lasting and very durable, this Kaff chimney is one of the best options available in the market. The chimney comes fitted with 2 baffle filters and a 925 cubic meter per hour suction capacity which makes it ideal for small home kitchens. The touch button panel is easy to operate and it has aesthetically designed structure which makes it look good in every kitchen.

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5. Hindware Nadia 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

image shows side view of kitchen chimney

When it comes to home appliances, Hindware is a popular name. Nadia 90cm chimney by Hindware not only looks good but has powerful features which make it perfect for both home and professional kitchens. The 1200 cubic meter per hour motor is powerful enough to clean the air in medium and large size kitchens. The chimney comes fitted with a touch panel to control different features and a motion sensor which activates the chimney as soon as you start cooking. It has highly efficient thermal auto-clean feature which substantially increases the life of the filter. The company provides 5-year warranty on the motor along with a 1-year comprehensive warranty.

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6 Eurodomo 60 cm Kitchen Chimney (Angular)

image viewing angular chimney for kitchen

If you are looking for chimney for small or medium size kitchen with powerful suction this will be the best choice. It comes with a touch panel and has 1200 cubic meters per hour suction capacity. The cassette filter is economical but you may have to clean it on regular basis. The elegant design makes it a perfect choice for high-end home and professional kitchens. The chimney comes with 1 year comprehensive and 5-year motor warranty.

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7 Surya Kitchen Chimney ( Toughen Glass )

image of designer indian chimney

Surya is known for affordable high-quality kitchen appliances. Surya Auto Glass Opening Kitchen Chimney not only looks amazing in terms of design but it comes with a lot of features which are specific to this chimney. The glass panel opens up when you start the chimney that means you will have more room to work. The touch panel not only makes the chimney easy to operate but it shows a lot of information like fan speed etc making it easier to understand the current condition and quality of the air in the kitchen. The auto-clean feature of the chimney keeps it up and running for a long duration of time. It has suction capacity of 1400 cubic meters per hour.

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8 Pureflames Dzire 90 Black Kitchen Chimney

showing kitchen chimney in pure black color

With a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour, Pureflames Dzire chimney is best suited for medium and large kitchens. It comes fitted with touch control panel and has auto-clean feature too. The company provides 1 year comprehensive and a 5-year warranty on the motor. It comes fitted with LED lamps which illuminate the cooking area perfectly.

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9 Eurodomo 90 cm  Auto-Clean Chimney

eurodomo black chimney's image

Eurodomo is best known for kitchen appliances. Eurodomo 90cm is best suited for medium size and large size home or professional kitchens. With a powerful 1200 cubic meters per hour suction capacity, this chimney can clean the kitchen air quickly and efficiently. The chimney comes with a touch control panel and has curved glass design giving it the best look. The LED bulbs on the chimney perfectly laminate the cooking area. It comes with 1 year comprehensive and 5-year motor warranty.

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10. Prestige Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

image of prestige brand chimney

Prestige is one of the most popular names in Indian households. The chimney is best suited for small and middle-size kitchens. The 1000 cubic meter per hour suction capacity is good enough for both home and professional kitchens. It comes with stainless steel body, touch control panel, LED lighting and high capacity baffle filters. The company provides 10 year warranty on motor.

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Advanced Features that you may Consider

Auto clean chimneys

There are some chimneys available in the market that have with the auto-clean feature. Please note that it does not mean you do not have to clean it after every few months. This mechanism is mainly designed to let the oil out that sticks on the cover of the chimney motor. The coil on the cover gets heated up and vaporizes the oil and cleans the surface. It may take up to 20 minutes for the chimney to complete the process.

Split chimney

If you do not want the noise coming out of the chimney motor to disturb you, this type of installation can be beneficiary. In this case, the motor is installed outside the house on the wall.

Convertible kits

There are kits available in the market that can convert ducting chimney to a ductless chimney.

Soundproof kits

In case the chimney you have chosen does not come with a silent-kit, you can get it installed as an accessory.

Detachable oil collector

In some chimneys, the oil collector is detachable that means you can remove the collector and empty it without opening the whole chimney for service.

Auto heat sensor

In many chimneys, the on and off mechanism is automatic based on the heat the cooking process is producing.

Replacement indicator or Buzzer

Majority of the chimneys come with filter replacement buzzer or indicator. This feature helps in keeping the chimney up and running without any problems.

While keeping these points in mind along with your budget, you can easily select the best options from the list we have created. These chimneys are worth every paisa you are going to spend on them. From ensuring that no smoke escapes to other rooms to keep the person cooking food safe from any side effects of smoke etc, these chimneys will definitely change the way you spend your time in the kitchen.

Get the Best Chimney For Your Kitchen

Kitchen chimney is one of the most important aspects of today’s home and professional kitchens because of the lack of proper ventilation and small size of the kitchen. Also to ensure there is no fire or health hazard, it is suggested to have a kitchen chimney installed. This guide will definitely help you in finalizing the best product for your personal or professional kitchen.


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