10 Best Over-Ear Headphones Under Rs 2000 in India (2021)

The moment you decide to buy new headphones and that too in the affordable range, everyone around you will become an audiophile all set to give you suggestions on what to buy. The interesting aspect of all this knowledge is, no one will ask you what you want in terms of features. This is why it is always better to have solid information in hand and select the pair of headphones which will suit best to your needs. When we talk about over-ear headphones under 2000 rupees, there are countless options available in the Indian market. Being the most comfortable section of headphones in the market, these types of headphones will not let you down, if chosen wisely.

What are over-ear headphones?

These types of headphones are also known as around-ear and circum-aural headphones. These are the largest and honestly the most comfortable headphones you can get for yourself. The ear-cups of these headphones will cover your ears completely rather than resting on them. As these are large in size, the drivers can be as big as 45mm which translates to louder and better sound quality. The only issue with these headphones is that they are not as portable as in-ear headphones or ear-buds.

Key Features to be Considered while Selecting Over-Ear Headphones in India

Sound quality

To understand the sound quality, you should have a little bit of knowledge about the driver. The driver in a headphone is that part which generates sound. It is generally made out of voice coil, magnet, and a diaphragm. Though there is no fixed rule in general, larger driver means better sound quality.


For those who want headphones that can deliver loud and quality music, sensitivity is one of the topmost priorities. Prefer to go for headphones that have sensitivity around 110 dB/mW and you should avoid anything less than 85 dB/mW.

Frequency Response

The frequency response is the bass and treble, the headphones can produce. The lower value is the bass and the higher value is the treble. Prefer to go for headphones with the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


To keep it simple, impedance is the amount of power, the headphones will require to generate sound. Lower impedance means it can generate the highest possible quality of sound with devices like smartphones, etc while high impedance will require dedicated amplifiers that are not feasible in most of the cases.

Cord or Wireless Range

If you are going for a wired headphone, check the length and quality of the cord. If you can get your hands on the braided cord, it will be better. In the case of wireless headphones, choose the one that comes with better range and preferably no lag in the connection if you are a gamer.

Design and Comfort

The next feature to keep in mind is the design and comfort. Depending on the size of your head, the headphones should be adjustable. Please do not go for fixed-size headphones as they will create a lot of hassle if you want to wear them over a cap or hoodie.


Choosing the right headphones is not limited to music. If you are into gaming, you may need to consider it in making the right choice as well. Also, most of the time you are going to use them with the smartphone so a headphone with mic will be a better option so that you can take calls without disconnecting the headphones.

Noise cancellation

Over-ear headphones generally cancel most of the noise around you. However, the built of the ear-cups can play an important role in canceling the noise may. Make sure to find the perfect fit depending on the size of your ears so that you can have the best experience in terms of music and calling.


Then comes the question of how brand conscious you are? If you are willing to go for a lesser-known but good quality headphones, there are a lot of new brands in the market which are not that popular but make amazing quality headphones. Also, some of the brands are new for the Indian market but are old and well-known brands across the globe. Thus while making the final choice, make sure to consider different options so that you end up with the best quality headphones.


The durability of the headphones depends on the material used in making the body and the ear-cups. Make sure to get the headphones that are made of strong alloy. Prefer the headphones that come with a warranty.


Let’s be honest here. We are talking about over-ear headphones that are priced below  Rs.2000 that means they are not going to compete with the high-end expensive headphones and expecting the same quality of sound as compared to Bose or brands like that should not be done. Under Rs.2000, headphones can deliver amazing quality sound and can fit perfectly in terms of quality and comfort too. The only thing you need to do is to compare them with-in the price range.

Reviews of 10 Best Over-ear Headphones in India

1. Alpino Trip Go Extra

image of over ear headphones by Alpino

Available in black and blue color options, these wireless over-ear headphones are trendy and powerful. It comes with passive noise cancellation making the noises around you almost in-audible. The dual powerful 40mm drivers give true-to-life audio. The inbuilt mic gives you an option to enjoy hands-free calling without moving a finger. The sweat-proof cushions give you the snug fit which are as comfortable as wearing the lightest feather on your ear. The headphones come with foldable design, making it easy to carry. The connectivity range of these headphones is 10 meters, playback time is 5 hours and standby time is 70 hours. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the headphones.

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2. Drums MDR-17 Over The Ear Headphone Review

screenshot of black colored headphones of Drums brand

The deep immersive sound of these wireless over-ear headphones will take you to the whole other world. The headphones come with multiple features like in-build FM radio and you can insert a microSD card as well with the songs of your choice. That means it is not only a great device to use with your smartphones but it can also act as a standalone music gadget. It comes with a powerful in-built mic for calling. The adjustable headband makes it fit for every size. There is an option to attach an aux cable to make it a wired headphone in case the battery runs out. Lightweight, high bass, great connectivity, loud and clear sound and high-quality built make these headphones an amazing choice.

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3. Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

image showing headphones in black & Red color

Are you looking for amazing design, strong built and thumping sound quality in over-ear headphones that too at an affordable price? BoAt Rockerz 510 will definitely win your heart. Equipped with a powerful 50mm driver, these headphones come with cushion leather ear-cups. These headphones are lightweight and cancel all the sound around you to ensure you get the best music experience. It is available in four colors that are jazzy blue, black, molten orange and viper green. It has a master control panel on the outer side of the earbud from where you can control track, volume and take or reject calls.

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4. Wings Explorer Over-Ear Black Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

picture of black headphones

With 8 hours of playback time, Wings Explorer is not only neatly designed but also looks trendy with every outfit. These powerful headphones with 40mm driver ensure high-quality bass and treble. The soft ear cushions do not let these headphones cause any discomfort. The headphones come with an aux cable too, in case you want to use them as wired headphones and save the battery. The company provides 1 year replacement warranty on the headphones.

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5. Sony MDR Wired Headphone Review

Image of Sony Headphones in black color

Sony is definitely a name that has already established its name in the audio gadget market. These headphones look amazing and are super comfortable. It comes with a long 1.2 meter of a tangle-free serrated cord. This is a natural choice for audiophiles looking for that extra BASS in headphones. Perfect for EDM, you can enjoy high-quality music on the go since it comes with foldable feature. Apart from black color, you can get it in red and blue colors. The headphones are long-lasting due to strong metallic housing.

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6. Macmerise Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Macmerise is an Indian company that mainly deals with mobile and computer accessories. These headphones come equipped with FM radio, a built-in microphone, and an SD card slot. The passive noise cancellation system ensures no outside noise disturbs you while listening to music or making calls. Macmerise is known for trendy designs and has licensed characters from big production houses like Marvel and Disney. The HD sound quality brings the best bass and treble in this price range. The headphones come with 6-month premium warranty. You can attach the aux cable with it to use them as wired headphones.

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7. OneAudio Over-Ear Headphones

Pink colored headphones

Powerful 50mm driver, balanced HD sound, complete listening experience with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz and trendy colors make OneOdio headphones one of the hottest selling headphones in the market. The interesting aspect of these headphones is that they come in a pink color making them perfect for women. The passive noise cancellation works perfectly. These wired headphones come with 6.3mm and 3.5mm plug which makes it even more interesting. These DJ style headphones will change the way you feel the beats of the music.

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8. Nu Republic Funx W Wired Headphones with Mic

Available in Blue and Red colors, Nu Republic Funx W is one of the best wired over-ear headphones brand available in the market. The 40mm driver is powerful enough to give the best sound experience. It comes equipped with inbuilt mic and control panel to control tracks and calls. The earcups come fitted with memory foam making them the most comfortable companion for your travel, study, gameplay, etc. The earbuds can rotate up to 180 degrees which allows them to lay flat while storing. It works perfectly with Siri and Google Assistant.

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9. Maono AU-A1 Gaming Headphones with Headset

maono headphone's image

If you are looking for trendy gaming headphones at an affordable price, you should go for Maono headphones. These headphones come equipped with adjustable mic, volume and track controller, 2.1 meters wire and premium quality driver for best sound experience. These headphones are ideal to use with computer, smartphones, PlayStation, Xbox, and other devices. The 40mm powerful driver produces best quality sound and bass. The LED lights on the earcups make them even more stylish.

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10. Hammer Plunder Over-Ear Headphone

image of headphone in black  brown color

For those who are looking for waterproof headphones that come with deep bass, high-quality noise cancellation, HD sound quality, and superb retro design and feel, Hammer Plunder’s headphones will be the best choice. Available in brown color, these headphones will take you to whole different world of music. The wireless headphones have a range of 10 meters. The company provides 6 month replacement warranty from the date of purchase. You can use them as wired or wireless.

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Buy These Best Over ear headphones below Rs2000 in India

Over-ear headphones are not only comfortable but they are best suited in case you want to listen to music for longer hours. They do not put pressure on your ears and it is hard for them to fall off. Most of the wireless headphones in this price range come with aux cable which allows using them as wired or wirelessing as per your choice. In the price range of Rs.2000/- there are some amazing trendy options available which you can choose and enjoy music on the go.




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