5 Best Hand Blenders for Cake in India: Buying Guide 2022

Cakes have always been one of the favorite desserts in India. Not just any cake, homemade cakes in specific. Every family either follows their traditional recipes to bake one or follows the instructions on YouTube. Although the recipes haven’t changed much, the instruments used are structurally modified and advanced.

Hand blenders for making cakes are gaining immense popularity in India nowadays. Although these hand blenders in India are used for multiple purposes but making a cake marks the priority on the to-do list. There are a variety of hand blenders available in the market which can trick the buyers to pick the wrong one instead of the best hand blender for cake.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Best Cake Blender in India

Whether a hand blender serves you the best or not is determined by certain factors. Consider these before buying any hand blender for cake in India:

Cord length

Check the length of the cord in the item description before making any decision. Some can be of very short length and you might get the necessity of using an extension cable to use the hand cake blender.

Motor Efficiency

It is the key factor that not only determines the lifespan of your hand blender but also the value of your money. An efficient motor can be used for several hours without getting overheated. So, check the efficiency of the motor of your desired hand blender for cake online before buying.

Light Weight

To use the hand blender effortlessly and comfortably the hand blender needs to be light in weight. It is an important factor to consider and usually, it is available in all the best hand blenders for cake.


Another important aspect is to check from which material the cake blender’s structure is made up of. Some are made from half stainless-steel and plastic combinations. One must check the quality of the material to ensure the long life of the hand blender.

Top 5 Best Hand Blenders for Cake in India

1. Kent Hand Blender

image showing hand blender for cake by Kent

Products from Kent such as Hand Blender for cakes are very popular in India. This model comes in white color and the design is simple. This hand blender offers quite an interesting set of features making it one of the top picks in India:

  • It has an Overheat Protection feature.
  • The body is made-up up of food-grade plastic and the attachments are made up of stainless steel.
  • 150 W copper motor which is not only durable and reliable but also causes low resistance and is a great conductor.
  • It has the Eject button feature for consumer convenience.
  • It has 5 multiple speed settings which are useful for mixing different types of ingredients at different times.
  • It comes with multiple attachments such as beaters and hooks which makes this hand blender great for multiple purposes.
  • The warranty life of this product is of 1 year.

2. Inalsa Hand Blender for Cake

Best Hand Blender in India by Inalsa

Inalsa is one of the most reliable brand names in terms of kitchen appliances such as Hand Blenders for cakes in India. This model by Inalsa comes in an attractive body structure in the color red and white. This product has all the features of one of the best hand blenders in India:

  • Light in weight and easy to operate.
  • Comes with a powerful yet reliable motor.
  • It has 7 multiple speed settings and this hand blender can be used for whisking, beating, blending, mixing as well as mashing purposes.
  • It has multiple attachments ensuring all the tasks can be performed using the specifics from the offered attachments with your hand blender.
  • It comes with an eject knob feature.
  • The warranty life of this product is of 1 year.

3. Philips HR3705/10 Hand Blender

image of Hand Blender for Cakes by Philips

Philips is one of the most popular and trusted brands in India. This model of cake blender is a particularly very popular pick due to its sleek and classy design. It comes in the color black. It has a variety of features making it one of the top picks:

  • This has 5 multiple speed settings.
  • It also has a turbo setting option for fastening the process.
  • It has an Overheat protection setting and the cord length is long.
  • The structure is also made light weigh for consumers as well as the handle is made for a non-slip grip.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes with multiple attachment options of beaters and hooks.
  • It has the eject button for easy and tidy detachments.
  • The warranty life of this product is of 2 years.

4. iBELL HM580L Hand Blender

Hand Blender for cakes by iBELL

iBell is also one of the most trusted brands in kitchen appliances in India. This model of Hand Blender for cake by iBell comes in a unique yet elegant design and color combination of grey and black. Apart from its attractive body, several features interest the buyers:

  • The product’s body is made up of high-quality plastic and attachments from stainless steel.
  • It comes with several attachments used for mixing, beating, mashing, whisking, blending, etc.
  • The motor is reliable and even power-saving.
  • The structure of the hand blender is made according to the consumer’s comfort and preferences and hence, the body is very lightweight.
  • It has 5 multiple speed settings.
  • It comes with a warranty life of 6 months.

5. Kent 16051 Hand Blender

Hand Blender for cakes in India by Kent

This model of Kent is one of the best picks in the category of hand blenders for cakes in India. The body structure is classic and comes in a color combination of white and silver. The features which attract the buyers are worth catching a glimpse of:

  • The Copper motor is reliable and durable as well as low resistance and a great conductor.
  • The power consumption is low and yet the performance of this product is very powerful.
  • It has 5 multiple speed settings which open the doors of creativity.
  • Easy to operate and easier to clean as well as to maintain.
  • It also has the turbo speed option which finishes every task quickly.
  • The structure is made from food-grade plastic and the attachments from stainless steel.
  • It comes with multiple attachment options such as beaters, hooks, whiskers, etc.
  • It has an Overheat protection feature.
  • It has a warranty life of 1 year.

Features to Look for in the Best Hand Blenders for Cake in India

To choose the best hand blender for cake, one can look for certain features which set a particular hand blender stand apart from the rest. Although some features are basic and are found in every blender but others are unique and specially designed by certain brands for customer convenience. Features such as:

Cleaning & Maintaining

The best cake blender must be both, easy to use and easier to clean. It is one of the key features of a good hand blender for cakes in India. The after services of the hand blenders are considered important and are made easy as well.

Safety Measures

In the user’s manual of the hand blender for cake, it is always mentioned the period. We can only use the hand blenders for a specific time. The other thing to keep in mind is whether the whiskers or beaters are connected properly or not.

Overheat Protection

Only the best hand blenders for cakes have this overheat protection feature. In case the product crosses the set limit of temperature this feature enables auto cut-off of the electricity.

Warranty life

A great hand blender is always reliable and durable. The best hand blenders for cakes in India usually have a warranty life of 1 or more than a year. In case of any wear or tear or the product is damaged somehow then it is simply replaced or repaired within a few days. This is also a feature of trustworthy brands in India.

Essential Attachments

Some hand blenders for cake over a wide variety of attachments that come with the product. These are multi-purpose attachments and by correctly using these, one can’t just make cakes but also ice creams, dough, sauces, etc.

Multiple Speed Settings

This is one of the main features of hand blenders in India. There is a certain number of speed settings offered by hand blenders of different brands and price ranges. There can be 2, 3, 5, and even 7. More the number of speed settings is better for the hand blender.

Eject Button

Many people often face difficulty and uneasiness in manually removing the attachments. It can be both irritating and messy. Some brands have taken the notice of this concern and made an eject button for maximizing consumer comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it suitable for whipping cream, mixing yogurt, and mixing coffee?

Yes, these hand blenders come with multiple attachments as well as multiple speed settings which makes them multi-taskers.

2. Are hand blenders and hand mixers the same?

No, these are not the same as they are designed to serve different purposes and made from different technology.

3. Is a hand blender good for baking cakes?

Yes, hand blenders are the best for baking cakes and are used by professionals and immatures alike.

4. Is a hand blender better than a blender?

Yes, hand blenders are better than a blender or stand blender for two reasons. The first is because it is more powerful than the blender and the second is it offers better rotation than stand blenders.

Buy the Best Hand Blender for Cake from the List

After going through this buying guide, every consumer can pick their ideal match. The vast number of features offered by the hand blenders for cakes in India is insane and very useful. These not just make tasty recipes easy but also effortless. If it saves time, and effort and is durable, it’s always a great pick.


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