5 Best Alkaline Water purifiers in India [Exclusive Guide 2021]

Before we list the best alkaline water purifiers for Indian Homes, it is vital to know few facts about the quality of water we intake. It is impossible to imagine life without water and if you have access to clean drinking water in today’s time you should consider yourself lucky. As the industrial revolution took over the world in the past century, we have polluted most of our water resources with chemicals including rivers, oceans and groundwater sources.

The glaciers are melting and getting mixed with already polluted water resources making it even harder for the coming generation to get hands-on a clean source of water. According to a WHO report, every 1 in 9 people in this world does not have access to safe water and those who have access to clean water are also drinking water mixed with micro-pollutants.

Sources of Water Pollution and its Effects

There is a number of reasons behind increase in water pollution in the last few decades. The main reason being the non-monitoring on waste management from industries, the health hazards caused by countless chemicals getting mixed in the water of all sources is devastating. So much so, the people of Bangalore, which is a city in Karnataka, experienced foam coming out of rivers because of the pollutants in the water. The Ganga, Yamuna and other rivers which are considered sacred in India are on the verge of death because of sewage and industrial pollution across the country. The government is indeed working hard to control water pollution but in the meantime diseases like cholera, typhoid, and even cancer are on the increase.

Alkaline Water Purifiers – the Future of a Healthy Lifestyle

To make sure you have safe and drinkable water for your family, it is important to have a water purification system at home. In recent times, people in India are getting aware of the benefits of alkaline water purifiers. The delicate acid-alkaline balance in our body needs to be maintained. Unfortunately from the food, we eat to the air we breathe have become more acidic in nature which is causing a lot of health problems.

It is a known fact that our body is capable of balancing the pH level in the body but in order, to that, the body takes the alkaline from the bones which can result in chronic disorders like hyperacidity, gastritis, arthritis, and weak bones.

Understanding Alkaline Water

When we talk about the alkaline water, we are discussing the pH or “potential of Hydrogen” of the water. It can range between 0 and 14 which translates to 0 being most acidic and 14 being most alkaline with 7 being neutral. Our body’s normal pH level is 7.40. Because of the excessive intake of acidic food and polluted air, the pH level of our body or you can say blood can get hampered. Alkaline water is capable of maintaining this balance in the body ensuring it works properly and stays on the healthier side.

How do Water Purifiers Work?

The main aim of the purifiers is to make the water drinkable. In India, we come across multiple types of pollutants in the water along with the high acidity of water. The most famous water purification system that is widely popular in India is the RO or Reverse Osmosis purification system. In this system, the water passes through multiple membranes made out of activated carbon and RO membrane which filters sand, mercury, lead, arsenic, and biological impurities like bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.

The second part of the purification process which we are emphasizing in this article is the pH level. In order to maintain the pH level of the purified water, either you can have a separate Alkaline filter or you can buy a combo filtration system that includes the alkaline purification chamber. The alkaline water purifier basically neutralizes the acidity of the water by managing hydrogen ions. At the end of the process, you will get two streams of water in which one is drinkable water and the other stream can be used to wash dishes, water plants or clean the home.

Which Purifier should you Buy?

When it comes to drinkable water you should know about two things. The first important thing is TDS or Totally Dissolved Solids and the second is pH level which we have already discussed. Normally TDS below 300 is acceptable as healthy drinking water. TDS does not always mean pollutants but the salts in the water like sodium etc. are also classified as TDS. As we go higher with the TDS level, the water becomes less acceptable for consumption. If the TDS level of the water source is above 1200 it is considered harmful for the human body. The experts suggest that you should have a purification system that can control the TDS level as well as the pH level in the water.

To make sure you are getting the right product you should know the TDS level of the water source. Though you can ask for the TDS level from the water department but to be 100% sure about it, you can easily buy a TDS meter from online stores like Amazon. You can buy Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter from this link. Generic-Digital-Waterfilter-Measuring-Multicolor

Top 5 Alkaline Water Purifiers you can buy in India

While selecting the purifiers, we kept it in mind that the purification process is not based on just one technology but it is a mix of multiple technologies so that you get the safest and purest form of drinkable water. The list has the top 5 purifiers that use different purification methods to clean every drop of water to make it safe for drinking.

1 Havells Max Alkaline 7-Liter RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells is a well-known brand for kitchenware. This purifier uses a 7-stage purification system and provides the best tasting water that is 100% safe. While RO and UV technology cleans the water from any impurity, the mineral fortification ensures better-tasting water with balanced alkaline levels. It has 7-liter capacity and can be mounted on a wall or kept on a table. The device comes with iProtect purification monitoring which cuts off water in case it is not ideal for drinking purpose. The alerts provide information about tank full, low water pressure, pump failure, UV or SV system failure and much more. It keeps the pH level of the water balance between 7.5 and 8.5.

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2. Ruby Water Purifier

image of alkaline purifier from Ruby brand

A lesser-known brand that has surprised almost every buyer, Ruby water purifier is one of the best products when it comes to choosing top alkaline purifiers in the Indian market. The device uses RO, UV and TDS purification systems to clean the water and come with alkaline cartilage to balance the pH level of the water. It flushes the membrane every 15 minutes which enhances the life of the membrane. The LED display on the purifier gives information about the filtration process as well as alerts in case of any fault. It can clean up to 20-litre water every hour with a duty cycle of 90 litres per day. You can adjust the pH level as per your requirement.

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3. Bepure ALKEN+

image showing alken plus water purifier

It is one of the very few purifiers that come with a stainless steel body. The membrane comes with anti-scalant technology which ensures the long life of the membrane. The purifier uses 9-stage ultra purification process along with alkaline mineral technology with inbuilt pH and TDS controllers. It comes with pH indicator kit. The purifier can hold up to 8 litres of water at a time. The purifier can remove dust, pathogens, microbes, foreign solid objects, chlorine and organic material from the water to make it safe for drinking. The valve present in the purifier regulates the pH level. It comes with 1-year warranty and the fitting kit is also included in the box.

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4. P-LINK® Blue Edition Water Purifier

screenshot of alkaline water purifier

The purifier comes with a high quality 100 GPD pump to ensure fast filtration process. It can store up to 12 litres of water. The filtration process can easily remove dust, rust, dirt, sand particles, chlorine, organic material, hard metals like copper, lead, barium, cadmium, etc and pesticides along with microbes and pathogens. While the carbon filter, RO membrane, and UV disinfecting process clean the water, the alkaline cartridge at the 5th stage-manages the pH level of the water and adds essential minerals. Among the alkaline purifiers available for the Indian market, P-Link is one of the very few that can process 75 gallons of water every day.

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5. Blue Mount Royal

Blue Mount uses a multi-stage purification system to clean the water that includes RO combined with Carbon and Sediment filter. The alkaline filter embedded in the purifier ensures the optimal pH level safe for drinking. The double filtration process ensures all suspended particles and chemical impurities get removed from the water. It can remove microbes, viruses, chlorine, sand, dust, and pesticides, etc from the water to make it safe for drinking. It is easy to install and can store up to 12 litres of water. The total life span of the filters is around 6000 litres. It keeps the pH level balanced between 7.5 and 8.5.

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Points to remember:

  1. Please make sure to check the TDS level of the water supply before you finalize the purifier for your home. In case the TDS is below 200, you will need a UV filter. If it is above 200, you will need a RO+UV filter. In case the TDS level is above 2000, you will need an industrial purifier.
  2. It is not advised to give alkaline water to children below the age of 2 years. Please check with your doctor for more details.
  3. The installation is chargeable in most of the cases. Please check with the company about the cost involved in the installation. The first time installation should be done by a professional suggested by the company to ensure the warranty stays intact.
  4. You need to change the filters on a specific frequency based on usage and water quality of the area you live in. Please keep a check on the filter change alerts.

Buy the Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India Now

Even though water is an essential commodity, safe and clean water has become a luxury in many parts of India. The rapid industrialization and no checks on the water pollution levels have made the situation worse in the last few decades. It is important to have a water purification system installed at your home to ensure your family stays safe and healthy away from any water-borne diseases. The alkaline balance in your body is equally important for a healthy lifestyle and a purifier that can balance the pH level to make water tastier and healthier is the best choice in today’s time.


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