9 Best Gaming Chairs in India in You can Buy in 2022

With the increasing craze of gaming, gaming chairs are also becoming popular.

Why is there so much buzz around gaming chairs? Can’t a normal office chair do the job?

Well, no! Just like your normal laptop cannot give you a similar gaming experience as gaming laptops, a conventional chair cannot give you the same benefits as a gaming chair.

Gaming chairs are not famous for their flamboyant looks only but they are really helpful to improve posture and best work performance.

In India, average employees spend 10-15 hours a day sitting. Long hours sitting causes poor posture and leads to chronic disease in the long run. It also hurts internal organs and can cause irreversible body conditions. If you are also one of those who stay around the desk day in and day out for gaming or for work, you need to purchase a gaming chair badly!

Searching for gaming chairs online can be overwhelming and stressful. Hence we have picked the top 10 best gaming chairs in India to take away the stress from you. These chairs have better lumbar support, and back support, and are portable. The material of the chairs is such that you can sit for long hours in warm temperatures.

Also, some of them have adjustable features like a stationary desk, armrest, reclining, height, and more. All of them are sturdy and strong that go well for years.

Reviews of Gaming chairs available in India

1. Green Soul Gaming Racing Edition GT-09 Gaming Chair

image of black & red gaming chaire

If you want to sit back on a super cozy chair and enjoy gaming then this Gaming Racing Edition GT09 Gaming Chair is for you. Its major plus point is it gives you the comfort of a gaming chair but it does not look like one. When it comes to comfort, it is equivalent to a luxury car seat. Thanks to the removable headrest, massaging lumbar, supporting backrest, and flexible hand rest. As these are removable and adjustable you can customize the gaming chair as per your requirements.

Hence it suits a gaming dedicated room as well as a normal room. The upper part of the chair is made with PU leather and a high-density sponge for padding. PU leather does not just feel silkier but it prevents flaking like cheap leather. Sponge-filled upholstery provides comfort to the bones. The product also boasts a 4-level cylinder. As it is SGS certified, you can trust it.

Key Features

  • 180-degree reclination
  • Wide sitting space
  • Adjustable seat height and armrest
  • Heavy-duty purpose

2. CELLBELL GC01 Ergonomic Chair

front view of gaming chair

If you are a pro gamer who spends hours streaming games then you need a large seated gaming chair. Our CELLBELL Ergonomic Chair can do this easily. The seat is of molded foam while upholstery material consists of spandex fabric and PU leather which all together provides a high level of comfort and proper alignment to your curves. PU leather is durable leather that protects the chair from stains and cracks.

The back of the chair is 25 inches long and 18 inches wide giving full support to your back. Additionally, it offers a reclining feature from 90 degrees to 170 degrees so that you can comfortably work, enjoy games, or rest. It has an adjustable lumbar cushion to support your lower back. Iron-made large and sturdy frame makes it capable of holding 120 kg.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height up to 7 CM
  • Large and wide seat
  • Quick to install
  • Swivel roller casters
  • Flexible armrests

3. Green Soul-Beast Series Gaming Chair

side view of gaming chair

The Green Soul-Beast Series Gaming Chair is an ideal product for those who end up being sweaty and uncomfortable after sitting in a chair for several hours. As clear from the name it is a beast of the gaming chair as it has a strong internal frame with supersoft upholstery. The color and the design are an add-on as it provides an uber-cool look.

The upper part of the chair has a headrest pillow that you can adjust as per your comfort. The lower end of the chair is equipped with a lumbar pillow to enhance lower body posture and avoid back pain. What can be better than 3D armrests in a gaming chair which allow you to move your hands in different directions while playing a game? Not to forget, you can adjust the height, angle as well as back front-back movement in the armrests. As the seat is thickly padded it does not let your thighs or legs stay in a painful condition.

The major advantage of this product is its breathable fabric and PU leather. Therefore you can spend limitless time on your PlayStation without drenching in sweat. When not in the mood to look at the screen, you can simply lie back on the chair. Thanks to its reclining feature.

Noted Features

  • Prevents neck and back pain
  • Prevents knee pain
  • Adjustable back from 90 degrees to 180 degree
  • 60mm PU wheels for stability and mobility

4. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

gaming chair from Nomaxus Indian brand

Nomaxus Gaming Chair is a must-have tool to add to your WFH accessory. This product not only gives sitting space but a soft massage experience to your backbones and neck. Credit goes to the USB massaging waist pillow. The seat of the chair is made of dense sponge which is 30% thicker than that of usual chairs. Henceforth, providing you with a pleasing sitting experience while you are at work or involved in a play. PU wheels provide smooth and noise-free movement. You can adjust the headrest as well. It is very stressful.

Armrest comes with 2D flexible features and is thickly padded to offer extreme comfort. Therefore your arms do not hurt even after intense working or playing hours. What makes it stand apart from other gaming chairs is its footstool! You can simply stretch and pull it out to relax during lunch breaks.


  • Water-resistant PU fabric
  • Breathable fabric
  • Adjustable pillows
  • Massage points


  • No 4D armrests

5. Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair

black colored gaming chair

Those who struggle with neck and back pain after stressed working hours should try out Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series GS-734US. It has ergonomically designed neck and head support along with lumbar back support to provide cushion-like comfort and proper alignment to the bones. Hence you can keep neck pain and back pain at bay. A thick and well-padded seat puts your knees in a position to help blood circulation smoothly. This type of design is scientifically meant to prevent thighs or knee pain.

Gaming or working requires heavy movement of your arms and a 4D armrest can help you in that. In addition to this, the soft cushion under the armrest makes you feel load-less. 54 CM seat width allows you to sit cross-legged just like you sit on your bed. The chair can be reclined as much as 180 degrees to lie flat on it. Its breathable premium fabric lets in airflow to offer a cool and comfortable sitting experience.

As it is constructed of a heavy-duty metal frame, it is super heavy and stable, meant for heavy-duty purposes. Don’t expect tripping over the chair.


  • Adjustable height
  • 125 plus kg weight capacity
  • Suitable for tall height person
  • No heat build-up
  • 360-degree swiveling wheels


  • No footrest

6. Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

image showing grey & red chair for gaming

For those who are looking for a gaming throne having all the gaming specifications but still come under budget-friendly price then this product is your top pick! The body part that suffers a lot during your working hours is your spinal cord and neck. A chair with a lumbar and headrest pillow helps you in this case. If you wish, you can remove the pillows to match with a conventional chair.

The pillows are made of premium cushion covered with PU leather to give you another level of comfort. PU leather is a rich artificial leather material where you can’t see flaking off. A thick padded back and seat keep your bone away from the harsh metal frame. You don’t have to move to a bed to rest as a 180-degree reclining position can turn into your on-the-go bed.


  • Adjustable seat height and armrest
  • Convert into a rocking chair
  • 5-point base for strength and stability
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • 140 kg weight capacity


  • Tough to assemble

7. Misuraa Imported Xenon Gaming Chair

White and grey colored gaming chair

If you wear the crown of a professional gamer, this product is going to be a real contender! If you want to get rid of or avoid back pain issues then you need this gaming chair with lumbar support. Not only can you adjust the lumbar pillow but you can get a reclining feature on which you can lie flat and rest.

It has unique contouring designed to support your back curve from the lower end to the upper end so that you don’t hurt your spine after intense gaming hours. You can adjust the height of the back as well as the armrest to suit your personal needs. Thanks to the synchro-tilt mechanism. A mesh upholstered seat is something else as it allows heat to escape. Hence your body feels cool.

Key Features of Misuraa Gaming Chair

  • Mesh for air circulation
  • Adjustable and padded armrest
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Maximum limit of 140 kg

8. Green Soul Alien Series Multi-Functional Chair

Indian make gaming chair

This chair is exactly a value for money product as you will hardly get a gaming chair with so many features in a single place and at a pocket-friendly price. If you think this is merely a gaming chair, you are not right at all. The chair does not have aggressive cuts and designs like a sci-fi movie-inspired chair. It is so simple, sleek, and modern that it can suit your not-dedicated-for-gaming room as well.

Apart from the looks, it possesses luxury comfort to deal with long gaming sessions or stressful working hours. Irrespective of your height, you can always sit back or rock on it. Thanks to the simple pneumatic control which allows you to heighten or lower the seat as per convenience. Wooden construction and 350 mm base ensure to go in the long run. As the upholstery is combined with mesh, PU, and PVC, it becomes durable and super soft.


  • High-density foam
  • Adjustable height
  • Reclined to different angles
  • Smooth movement from roller casters


  • No headrest pillow

9. Adcom Mutant Series Gaming Chair

side view of gaming chair

The chair is suitable for pro gamers as well as dedicated office workers as it has all those features required to give comfort. The inside of the chair is of 50 densities of upholstery while the upper part is wrapped with scratch-proof PVC leather. 2 lumbar and 1 headrest pillow gives awesome support to your back as well as head and keeps neck pain, back pain at distance.

If you fall under the heavyweight category, its sturdy frame with 180 kg capacity makes it a win-win deal. Forget all those creepy noises while shifting the chair as it has five smooth-rolling wheels which turn 360 degrees. Needless to mention, it has 3D armrests for 3 directional movements. Also, it is padded. Hence you don’t feel a burden on your hands after rigorous typing or playing.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty
  • 180 kg capacity
  • Spongy upholstery

Buying Guide on Picking the Best Gaming Chair in India

If you have made up your mind to purchase a gaming chair, you should consider a few points so that your investment is worthy.


While working or playing games, you have to look at the computer screen continuously bending your head. Continuous bending of your head in one position causes neck pain and also causes migraines. Similarly, your back also suffers a lot as it follows a C shape rather than being straight. It again hampers your posture and leads to back pain. Hence you need a chair with a headrest and lumbar support pillows. If it is an adjustable one, grab it because you might need to replace them sometimes.


The most spongy upholstery is, the better you feel. Check if the upholstery used is a premium one otherwise it will start thinning over time. Similarly, the upper cover is important to note. Make sure it is of premium leather which will make it durable and shiny. Don’t mess with the mesh part! Your chair should be of meshed fabric in order to keep you cool and your skin happy.


Most of the chairs come with one or more years of warranty. Consider buying a chair of at least one year of warranty.


This is what makes a gaming chair different from conventional chairs. It should allow reclination up to certain angles so that you can make it your bed when in need.


Here we have picked the top gaming chairs in India and they are the latest to date. We have given priority to all those features a person looks for in a gaming chair. If you cannot ignore sitting long hours and don’t want to ignore your health, investing in a gaming chair is very important! All the information given here is accurate yet you can confirm it by visiting the link directly.


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