10 Best Earphones Under Rs 500 in India in 2021

A lot of us prefer to do shopping on a strict budget. Getting hands-on affordable yet high-quality earphones can be a tricky task. There was a time when even the budget smartphones came with bundled earphones which were good enough for months to come. However, as the price war got more intense, the companies have stopped bundling earphones especially with the budget phones which means you have an extra expense on your head. Considering the budget constraints, let’s discuss the parameters of the earphones you should consider while purchasing a earphone under Rs.500.

Key Features to Look for in Earphones


Before jumping to anything, you should consider the usage frequency of your earphones. The more you are going to use them, the more comfortable they should be. Keeping in mind that you are looking for earphones under Rs.500 in India, comfort should be in the top priority list as this feature is something which often got missed in budget earphones.


There are two types of audiophiles in this world. First one is those who make sure to consider the design of the earphones and the second one are those who only care about the sound quality. If you are considering design as one of the factors the design you are choosing is comfortable too.


You need to keep two points while considering comfort as a factor of the decision-making process. First is the size of the earbuds and second is the material used in the earbuds. Earbuds made out of silicone are the most comfortable one and often do not get damaged easily. Make sure to choose a pair of earphones that come with different sizes of earbuds. It is a known fact that everyone has different size of ears and same size earbuds are not going to fit everyone. In case the earphones you chose do not come with additional buds you can buy them separately as well from here.

Sound quality

If you want sound quality of expensive earphones in under-500 budget earphones, that is not going to happen. If you are making peace with the price, you have to make peace with the quality to some extent as well. That has been said, the earphones we have chosen for you have the best sound quality. If you have a good taste of music and you care about Bass and Treble balance, there are some good options in budget earphones too. However, you cannot expect these earphones to go beyond and above in terms of sound quality. They will be good enough to enjoy the music and for a layman, it won’t be easy to tell the difference in the quality of the sound anyway.


Everyone has a favorite brand or a brand that is always in the wish-list. Because the budget is limited, you may have to ditch the brand altogether. However, some of the amazing brands including boAt, Skullcandy, Mi, Boult and Blaupunkt have amazing budget earphones which we have listed in the top choices. These brands have made sure that the design, sound quality and comfort of these earphones is up to the mark. In short, if you are a fan of these brands, you are in for a roller-coaster ride of choices!

Technical quality

In this price range, the best you will get is the earphones with a Frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and sensitivity of 90db +/- 5db. If you can get your hands on earphones with the braided wire, there is nothing better than that as these wires do not get tangles easily. The length of the wire is a crucial factor in budget earphones as the companies try to cut the cost where ever possible to keep the sound quality at the best possible level. Wireless good quality earphones in this price range are next to impossible to find so it is better not to go for wireless earphones if your budget is limited to Rs.500.

Gaming and Calling

Playing games and calling feature one earphones are among the important points to consider while choosing the right earphones. As these are wired earphones the possibility of any delay in the sound while playing games online is almost nil. Also, make sure to choose the earphone with active noise cancellation to ensure you get the best calling experience.

Reviews of Top Ten Earphones Below Rs 500

Here is the list of 10 best earphones options of 2021 priced below 500 rupees in India that we have selected after keeping quality, price and durability in mind.

1. Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra Deep Bass and Mic

image of pair of earphones in red color

Xiaomi is without a doubt one of the best electronics company when it comes to budget products with best possible quality. The Mi Basic earphones are available in three colours that are Red, Blue and Black. It comes with ultra-deep bass which will give you the best sound experience in terms of music. The active noise cancellation works perfectly and cancels most of the noise around you while listening to music or making calls. The wire is tangle-free and even if it gets tangled while being in your pocket or in a bag, you can untangle it with ease. The frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The earphones come with aluminium alloy sound chamber with powerful 10mm drive that ensures amazing sound quality at a very affordable price.

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2. Boult Audio in-Ear Wired Earphones

image of boult earphones

If you are looking for comfortable and brilliantly designed earphones in the budget range, these earphones should be on your list. These earphones are available in two colours that are red and black. The interesting thing is the colour is not on the sound chamber but on the wire making it more prominent. It comes with in-line controls such as answer/rejects calls, voice command and play/pause button. The earphones have ear-fins which are perfect for those who looking for budget earphones to use while working out or playing sports. These lightweight and durable earphones deliver HD sound quality with an in-house sound signature that is rich with crisp deep bass response.

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3. boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones with Mic

image earphone pair from boat brand

boAt is an Indian electronics manufacturer known for its audio devices. boAt promises best sound quality in the budget range and these earphones perfectly fit in the category. These earphones are available in four colours that are black, white, pink and red. The super-stylish hawk design of the earphones not only adds flair to the product but also make them one of the most desired earphones in this price range. The earphones have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and Sensitivity of 92db ±3db. You can make or end calls with a single click and change track with double click on the button provided. The same single click is used to play and stop the music as well. The pack includes additional earbuds as well.

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4. Evidson Vibe in-Ear Wired Earphones

Evidson Make in India earphones

Evidson is an Indian company that is fairly new in the market. All the designing and manufacturing of the earphones is carried out in India only. Currently, the company is dealing only in earphones. The Evidson Vibe earphones are available in four colour options that are Black, Blue, White and Red. It comes with super-charged 2x Bass which ensure the best music experience. It is one of very few earphones in this price range that come with flat cable. The active noise cancellation ensures that your calling experience is perfect with these earphones. It comes with additional earbuds. The sensitivity is 110 dB and the frequency response is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

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5. Alpino  in-Ear Wired Earphone

image showing pair of black colored in ear phone plugs

Made with passion and designed with a modern touch, Alpino Trip Escape earphones are famous for high-quality sound. With 10mm dynamic drive and deep bass along with HD sound quality, you are not going to miss any beat while listening to music. The active noise cancellation ensures that while music is on or you are on a call, no external sound disturbs you. The lightweight earphones are available in three colour options that are black, silver and red. It is best suited for smartphones, music players, desktop and laptops. If you are a gamer, you are going to love these earphones evermore. The frequency response is 20 Hz – 20 kHz and Sensitivity is 95 +/- 3db.

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6. Newark/Joie® USB Type C Earphones

screenshot of image of TypeC earphonesKnown for high-quality audio and computer accessories, Newark has made its name with affordable yet best gadgets. Equipped with USB-C output port, it is one of the very few high-quality earphones available for smartphones without 3.5mm jack. The earphones come with an in-line microphone with active noise cancellation for best calling experience. The stylish and ergonomic design of the earphones will take you breath away in a second. The Frequency Response Range is 20 Hz to 20KHz and the Sensitivity is 104 ± 4dB.

7. boAt BassHeads 162 Wired Earphones

image showing pair of earphones

If you are looking for premium sound quality with 10mm drivers at an affordable price that too from a reputed brand, here is one of the best choices for you. Available in three colour options that are black, blue and red, boAt BassHeads 162 earphones come with amazing bass and treble. Groove with the humping sound while you workout, travel or move towards your workplace or college. The non-tangle wire makes it easy to store them while not in use. The highly-sensitive in-built mic ensures best-calling experience. The active noise cancellation does not allow any sound around you to hamper music or calls. The earphones have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

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8. Tantra T1000 Earphones

screenshot of tantra indian brand's earphones

Looking for subwoofer experience in earphones that too in budget range? Here is one fine option for you. This lesser-known brand has some amazing products under its roof. The earphones come with three sets of earbuds to ensure a perfect fit for all ear sizes. The company claims that they have tested the mic button for 10k presses which ensure durability. The active noise cancellation is strong enough to cut down most of the external sound giving you the best music and calling experience. The multi-functional key lets you control volume, music and calls. The earphones have frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

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9. Blaupunkt EM01 in-Ear Wired Earphone

image showing earphones with cable

If it is Blaupunkt, it has to be of good quality. Known for the car audio accessories, the company make some amazing earphones and headphones too. The iconic German brand is in the business since 1924 making them the oldest and most experienced players in this list. The active noise cancellation is capable of cancelling 90% of the active noise. The earphones have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Thoughtfully designed and engineered earphones fulfil the promise of best quality sound and bass. The perfect fit of the earphones ensures that you do not have to stop to put them back while jogging or working out. The built-in mic and remote make it easier to control tracks, make or end calls and control volume.

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10. Boult BassBuds in-Ear Earphones

image of black hi bass ear phones

Designed in the USA, these earphones are perfect for those who are looking for quality sound and durability. The tangle-free wire, extra bass, earloop for sports fitness and HD call with Siri and Google Assistance support are some of the features that make this amazing piece of technology worth buying. The ergonomically designed drivers are made of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy which ensures best quality sound and long-lasting product. The overall quality of these earphones is much better than the similar products in this price range.

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Buy earphones below 500 Rupees in India Now

Choosing the right earphones in the budget can be tricky but it is not impossible. There are a lot of big brands that make amazing earphones in the budget range. The earphones on the list we have created are the best in the market. Starting at as low as Rs.399, you will find the perfect fit in no time.


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