10 Best Gaming Headphones under 2000 in India 2021 With Buying Guide]

A lot of gamers are now playing online multiplayer games like PUBG, CSGO, Fortnite, etc. And this includes PC gamers, console gamers, and even mobile gamers. This is due to the completely different experience these online games offer.

But unlike single-player games, you need good communication with your teammates in online games. As a result, using gaming headphones is quite important for the best gaming experience. Unlike normal headphones, gaming headphones have a microphone along with several features that are specifically useful for gamers.

Gaming headphones also offer surround sound with some of them even providing 7.1 surround sound. This can be quite useful while playing competitive games like CSGO where listening to footsteps is quite important. Due to this, gaming headphones are quite popular right now.

But this also means that choosing the best gaming headphones can be quite difficult. And thus, we are here today with some of the Best Gaming Headphones under 2000 in India. As these gaming headphones are priced under 2000, they offer great value for money.

In this article, you can learn everything about these gaming headphones which includes all their features and options. As a result, you can easily decide the best gaming headset as per your needs and requirements. You can also find the Amazon store links for all the gaming headphones in this article. So, make sure to go through this article until the end if you want to improve your gaming experience.

Gaming Headphone Reviews

1 Cosmic Byte H3 Gaming Headphone with Mic

image of gaming headset in red color

At the 1st position, we have the Cosmic Byte H3 which is a great entry-level gaming headset that works with almost all devices. You can use it with your PC, consoles, and even smartphones. This is possible due to the fact that it uses a 3.5 mm connector instead of a USB one.

If you want to use its LED lights, you have to plug it in a USB port as well. Apart from being compatible with all devices, this gaming headset is also quite good in terms of its sound. Even though it does not offer 7.1 surround sound, you still get a very decent surround sound effect. This is possible due to the 50mm drivers present in the Cosmic Byte H3.

The design and looks of these gaming headphones are also quite good. You get a very sleek design along with LED lights. As a result, it looks as good as some of the more expensive gaming headphones out there. These headphones also offer a 2.1m long cable which allows you to easily connect them behind your computer without having any cable length issues.

It also offers a mic switch and volume controller on the cable. Unfortunately, this only works with PCs while using the additional USB port. Overall, the Cosmic Byte H3 is a great option if you want a value for money and affordable gaming headphones.

Major Features:

  • Offers a great design along with LED lights.
  • Works flawlessly with computers, consoles, and even smartphones.
  • Great sounding headphones due to 50 mm drivers.
  • Long cable with included mic switch and volume control.

2 EKSA  Gaming Headset Review

image of headphone foe gaming purpose

Coming at the 2nd position, we have the EKSA stereo gaming headset which is slightly on the expensive side. Instead of focusing on the audio quality and surround sound, these gaming headphones focus on the design. As a result, the EKSA gaming headset is one of the best looking headphones out there.

It even has LED lights that can be powered using the USB plug present along with the 3.5 mm connector. Due to this, just as you would expect, these work with almost everything that supports 3.5 mm headphones. It can be used with your PC, smartphone, consoles, and pretty much everything else.

One of the best things about the EKSA gaming headset is that it is quite comfortable. You get large-sized soft pads on these gaming headphones. It even has a self-adjusting headband due to which you can wear this gaming headset for hours without any fatigue. The build quality of the headset is also quite decent and it should last for a long time.

Unfortunately, you do not get any 7.1 surround sound option in these gaming headphones even though they are a bit on the expensive side. This can be an issue for gamers who play competitive games like CSGO quite often. But if you want a great looking gaming headset with good comfort, then the EKSA stereo gaming headset can be a great pick.

 Major Features:

  • Provides great comfort due to its large pads and headband.
  • Easy to use with its 3.5 mm connector.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone for online voice chat.
  • 50 mm drivers offer decent audio quality.

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3 Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Headphones with Mic

screenshot of redgear gaming headset

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 is one of the highest-rated gaming headphones on Amazon which comes at 3rd position in this article. Instead of focusing on extra features that are not important, this gaming headset offers 7.1 surround system. And it is one of the only gaming headphones under 2000 which has this feature.

This can be quite useful for a lot of gamers who play competitive games like CSGO. With the help of 7.1 surround sound, you can easily locate footsteps and other opponents. And the audio is also highly detailed in this headphone which makes your gaming experience even better.

Even the comfort of this headphone is great. You can easily wear these for long gaming sessions without any issues. This is possible due to the large and wide pads present on the Redgear Cosmo gaming headset. And the headband is also equally good. Unfortunately, you cannot use these headphones with your consoles or smartphones without an adapter since it is a USB headphone.

But this also means that it has RGB lighting on the side which has multiple colors. And the cable of the headphone also has various controls including volume buttons and microphone toggle options. If you want the best-sounding gaming headphones with 7.1 surround sound, then you should go with the Redgear Cosmo 7.1 right away.

Major Features:

  • 1 surround sound for competitive games.
  • Noise cancellation microphone for reduced background noise.
  • Comes with RGB LED lighting effect.
  • Offers multiple controls via the inline remote.
  • Excellent audio detail for an immersive gaming experience.

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4 Easy SMX Gaming Headphone

image of easySMX brand headphones

We have a gaming headphone from Easy SMX at 4th position which offers a lot of features to the user. This gaming headphone offers all the features and options that you can from a headset under 2000.

But the build quality of these gaming headphones could have been better. Although, if you are okay with its build quality, then it can be a great choice due to all the features it offers. One of the best things about these headphones is that they support 7.1 surround sound. As a result, you can easily pinpoint the location of your opponents in any online multiplayer game.

The surround sound effect is pretty for the given price of these gaming headphones. The Easy SMX Cool 2000 also offers great audio quality. As a result, you can use this gaming headset for listening to music and watching movies as well. Due to this, it is the only headphone that you will need for your entertainment needs.

It can be used with all of your devices including computers, consoles, and even mobile phones as it uses 3.5 mm audio connectors. Although, if you want the LED lights to work, you have to use the USB plug. Another great feature offered by this gaming headset is that it has a noise-cancelling microphone.

Your teammates will not hear your background noise during voice chat. Therefore, if you want feature-rich and good sounding gaming headphones, you can consider the Easy SMX Cool 2000 gaming headset.

Major Features:

  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Offers great 7.1 surround sound.
  • Detailed audio for music and movies.

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5 ONIKUMA K12 Gaming Headset with Mic

image of onikuma Indian headphones

At the 5th position, we have the ONIKUMA K12 gaming headset. While this gaming headset does not have 7.1 surround sound or any other features, it certainly provides great audio quality. The audio detail from these gaming headphones is much better than most of the gaming headsets mentioned in this article.

And the same goes for its microphone which sounds as good as some of the more expensive gaming headsets out there. As a result, you will have a great experience while using these gaming headphones for gaming. And this your gaming experience is further improved by the great comfort provided by these gaming headphones.

This is possible due to the highly comfortable pads of these gaming headphones. Since these pads are made of soft memory foam, you will not experience ear fatigue even after hours of gaming. Apart from that, the headband of this gaming headset is also quite comfortable. It swivels according to the shape of your head and you can also change its size for a perfect fit on your head.

You can also adjust the microphone of this gaming headset which also eliminates most of the background noise. And since these gaming headphones use a 3.5 mm connector, you can use them with all of your devices without any issues. You also get an inline controller in this gaming headset which is useful for changing the volume and toggling the microphone.

Major Features:

  • Easy to use with all of your devices.
  • Offers excellent audio quality.
  • Great microphone quality with the noise-cancelling feature.

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6  Kotion Each Gaming Headphone with Mic and LED

image of gaming headphones in camo yellow colour

Kotion Each is one of the most popular gaming headphones brands out there when it comes to budget option. And we have the Kotion Each G7500 gaming headset at the 6th position. When compared to the other headsets out there, it offers a very different and unique design.

A lot of gamers will like the aesthetics of this gaming headset. The Kotion Each G7500 also offers very decent audio quality. While it does not have 7.1 surround sound, it is still great for playing most online multiplayer games without any issues. Similarly, the microphone of this microphone is also pretty good. You can easily use voice chat to talk with your teammates while playing games using this gaming headset.

Since this is headphone has both USB as well as 3.5 mm connector, using it with all of your devices should not be an issue. And you also get an inline control which can be quite handy for quickly adjusting your volume within your game.

Unfortunately, the inline controller and the LED lights on these headphones only work on a computer as they need a USB connection. But even if you are using these gaming headphones on mobile devices, they offer great audio. They even have superb bass which can be liked by a lot of users.

And the best part about these gaming headphones is that they are quite affordable. So, if you are on a budget, then the Kotion Each G7500 can be a great value for money option when it comes to gaming headphones.

Major Features:

  • Great design and color options.
  • Offers inline controller over USB.
  • Decent audio quality for the price.

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7 Cosmic Byte G1400 Gaming Headset

picture of headphone with mic in black and blue

The 7th gaming headset in this article is possibly one of the cheapest gaming headsets out there. And for the given price, these headphones have a lot of things on offer. At first glance, you will like the design of these headphones right away. This is due to the LED lights that it has which work over the USB connection.

Unfortunately, these are USB only methods which mean that you need adapters for using them with mobile phones or consoles. Apart from looking good, these headphones sound good as well. And for the given price, the audio is quite good with high detail and decent surround effect. As a result, you can even use this gaming headset for competitive games.

Similarly, the microphone quality is also more than enough for voice chat in online games. You can even adjust the microphone as per your preference using the flexible boom arm. As a result, there are a lot of features that this affordable gaming headset offers.Unfortunately, this gaming headset is not the most comfortable options.

If you are planning to play for multiple hours at a time, this might not be the best option for you as the pads are too thin. But if you install third party pads on these gaming headphones, the experience can improve a lot. Overall, the Cosmic Byte G1400 is a great affordable gaming headset that offers great value for money.

Major Features:

  • Decent audio and microphone quality.
  • Includes LED lights for aesthetics.
  • Easy to use inline controller over UBS.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • 50 mm driver size for detailed audio.

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8 Nu Republic Dread Wired Gaming Headphones

gaming headphone's image

The Nu Republic Dread present at the 8th position in this article is the best gaming headset out there when it comes to value for money. Unlike most other budget gaming headphones out there, it does not have any issues. Instead, it offers above-average quality regarding every aspect of this headset for a very affordable price.

As a result, if you want the best the most out of your money, then the Nu Republic Dread is the headset to buy. The best thing about these gaming headphones is that they are extremely comfortable. You will find large and soft memory foam pads on these gaming headphones which make long gaming sessions quite easy. And the adjustable headband of this gaming headset is also equally comfortable.

The Nu Republic Dread is also a very good looking gaming headset. Apart from having a modern and sleek design, it even has LED lights on the side which are powered by the USB plug. But you can still use this headset with your consoles as well as mobile devices since it has a 3.5 mm connector.

Coming to the audio quality of these gaming headphones, they offer highly detailed audio to the user. Even though this is not a 7.1 surround sound headphone, you can still locate your opponents without any issues.

And the microphone of the Nu Republic Dread also features background noise cancellation which can be quite useful. So, if you want the best value for money headset, you should buy the Nu Republic Dread right away.

Major Features:

  • Great build quality and design.
  • Superb audio quality and microphone.
  • Comfortable to use for long gaming sessions.
  • Comes with LED lights on the side.

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9 ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic

picture showing black and white gaming headset

ONIKUMA is one of the lesser-known brands when it comes to gaming headsets. And we have the ONIKUMA K1B Pro gaming headphones at the 9th position in this article. These gaming headphones offer great audio quality with a very decent microphone.


 Although if you have a small head then these might not be for you since they are a bit big in size. That being said, if that is not an issue for you, then this headset will be very comfortable for you.

You get memory foam pads in this ONIKUMA headset which makes it great for long period use. Apart from that, there is also an inline control in this gaming headset which works over the USB port.

Thankfully, it also has a 3.5 mm jack for using with consoles and smartphones. Overall, if you want a feature-rich headset, then the ONIKUMA K1B is a great option that you can consider.

Major Features:

  • Unique design and color scheme.
  • Inline remote for easy control.
  • Great audio quality with decent surround sound effect.

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10 Redgear  7.1 Gaming Headphones

showing redgear heaphones for gaming purpose

Coming at the last gaming headphone on this article, we have another great gaming headset from Redgear. And just like the previous Cosmos, Redgear Comet also offers 7.1 surround-sound effect to the user. But it offers even better audio quality.

Locating your opponents in your game should not be an issue at all. Apart from that, it is one of the most comfortable gaming headphones mentioned in this article. The large and soft pads allow you to wear these headphones for hours without any issues. And since the headband is also foam padded with a light clamping force, it is also very comfortable. To further make these headphones great of long gaming sessions, they are quite lightweight as well.

One of the best things about these gaming headphones is its design. It has an LED ring on the side whose colors can be changed quite easily. Due to this, the design of this gaming headset is pretty good. Apart from looking good and sounding great, the Redgear Comet 7.1 also has a great microphone.

It reduces all background noise so that you can voice chat with your teammates without any issues. This gaming headset even has a volume dial directly on the headset itself. And you can also mute the microphone quite easily if needed. In the end, if you are looking for the ultimate gaming headset below 2000, then you should definitely go for the Redgear Comet 7.1.

 Major Features:

  • Highly comfortable to wear.
  • Great looking design.
  • Impeccable audio and microphone for the price.

Best Gaming Headphones You Must Try

Gaming headphones are quite essential for having an optimum gaming experience. And these can be used on both smartphones as well as computers while playing games. But having so many options makes choosing a gaming headphone quite difficult. Therefore, here are some of our gaming headphone recommendations:

You can get a great value for money by going with the Nu Republic Dread gaming headphones. This pair of gaming headphones offer a lot of useful features and options that are great to have at its price point. Even though it might not be the best gaming headset out there, it is certainly an affordable one.

Although, if you are looking for the best gaming headphone under 2000, then the Redgear Comet 7.1 is what you should get. It is hands down the best gaming headphone that is priced under 2000. You get excellent audio with surround sound which makes it perfect for gaming. It even has multiple features which make it great for gaming.

And the Redgear Cosmo 7.1 comes quite close to being the best gaming headphones under 2000. It is slightly cheaper than some of the high-end options out there but offers a very similar gaming experience. Therefore, you can also go with these gaming headphones to save money by giving up some extra features.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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