10 Best Hair Curlers in India in 2022

Whether you want a fine sleek look, beachy waves, coiled curls, or any kind of other loose or tightly defined waves, hairstyling tools make all the contrast. Every modern-day woman loves to flaunt wavy, glossy, and bouncy hair on her head. And not everyone is blessed with perfectly wavy and curly hair. Here comes the role of hair curlers that enables you to achieve the desired look.

There are many options of hair curlers in India that make it difficult to choose the best and safest curler. If you are looking for the best hair curl tool that satisfies your daily hairstyling needs, then this article is for you. 

List of 10 Best Curlers in India

We have done our homework to pick the best hair curlers for you. The selection of each product is done based on quality, safety, reliability & customer feedback.

1. Vega Long Curl Hair Curler

Hair Curler from Vega

Vega long curl hair curler will jazz up your hair when you are heading to a party.

  • With 210mm barrel length with 22mm of barrel diameter makes it perfect to curl long hair.
  • For the even distribution of the heat, this curler comes with ceramic-coated chrome plates.
  • The feature of the on/off switch makes it easy to turn on the curler. Two temperature regulating switches are also given on the curler. And the temperature is displayed by LCD.
  • This hair curler by Vega comes with a comfortable grip and a rubber handle which makes it easy to use. 
  • This tool comes with a safety stand and a 360-degree swivel cable for perfect handling. The 360-degree swivel cable rotates conveniently and helps you achieve the desired kind of curls.
  • Just open the clamp with your thumb, wrap your hair from bottom to top, hold for 5-10 seconds and then release and you are good to go with the perfect glossy wavy hair.

2. Agaro Chopstick Hair Curling Iron

image of Hair Curler by Agaro

If you are willing to buy the best hair curler in India and yet pocket-friendly and affordable, then the Agaro HC-8001 chopstick hair curler is the perfect choice you can make. It is available on amazon too in the range as low as Rs. 600.

  • This hair curler from Agaro ensures perfect curls securely. The cool top button designed at the top of this tool protects your fingers from excess heat exposure during styling the hair.
  • The 10mm barrel diameter of the curler is perfect to roll on a short to medium hair length.
  • The sleek ceramic plated barrel distributes the heat evenly on hair. Therefore protect the hair from any sort of damage or burning of hair.
  • The LED display feature indicates the power state of the curler.
  • The 360-degree swivel cord rotates conveniently and prevents the coiling of the cord.
  • The manufacturer gives a 2 years warranty period on the purchase of this tool.

3. Philips Hair Curler

Hair Curler by Philips

Philips is a renowned brand in India and has been in business for ages. Purchasing the Philips hair curler will make you happy as it comes with an ample no. of features.

  • This hair curler from Philips is just perfect to give you bouncy and wavy curls. It comes with protective ceramic chrome plates to give an extra gentle style to hair.
  • The barrel comes with a diameter of 1.6cm, perfect for styling all types of hair.
  • The LED light blinker indicates whenever the device turns on.
  • A cool tip is present on the top for curlers for safer use. This tip of the curler is made up of specific material, that works as an insulator to keep it cool. Therefore one can hold to this tip while hair styling.
  • The 360-degree swivel cord is another best feature of this tool that enables it to rotate the cord easily and that too without any tangling of the cord.
  • The best feature of this curling tool is that it heats up quickly. It takes less than 60 seconds to heat up and set to work in a blink of an eye.

4. Rozia Deep Professional Hair Curling Rod

Hair Curler by Rozia

This is one of the best hair curlers in India that is sufficient to style all sorts of hair types. It perfectly rolls on hair to give defined curls and wavy hair.

  • The 28mm barrel of Rozia deep professional hair curling rod helps to achieve a glossy and bouncy hair look for average to lengthy hair.
  • The on/off dial with an LED indicator makes it easy to use with a single press of a button. 
  • The advanced ceramic coating plates on the barrel disperse the heat equally on hair.
  • The smartly designed insulated tip protects your fingers from burning while trying unique hairstyles.

5. Babybliss Curler

Hair Curler by Indian brand Babybliss

This curler will give you the perfect spiral and coiled curls. And makes you look like a diva. The Babybliss curler excellently styles your hair with all kinds of loose, tight, wavy, and beachy curls that last all day long.

  • You will make the best choice with the purchase of Babybliss curler as it comes with various features. That makes it unique and helps stand out among other hair tools.
  • This ergonomically designed hair curling tool comes with a professional ceramic chrome intense coating. 
  • The 25mm barrel diameter of the iron helps achieve soft curls and stays longer in style. 
  • Babybliss curler has all the features like an on/off switch, swivel cord, ventilated and insulated cool tip, safety stand, and LED display.
  • It also has a perfectly designed clamp that enables it to be ready to use quickly.
  • This tool withstands a maximum temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • This product comes with a warranty of 3 years from the buying date.

6. Revlon Long-lasting Extra Loose Curls Curler

Hair Curler by Revlon

This curler from Revlon is excellent for women with very soft and fine hair. It is designed to handle the hair gently and with the professionalism that it demands.

  • LED light: The LED light for the power indication makes the curler very easy to use.
  • Triple ceramic coated plates: These are the best features it comes up with. The triple-layered ceramic plating on the barrel protects the hair from any kind of damage that can be caused due to heat. It evenly disperses the heat on hair and also prevents hair frizz.
  • The 1 barrel enables loose curls as well as gives relaxed beachy waves. 
  • Another excellent feature of this product is that it can withstand high-temperature heat up to 400 degrees F, it also has 30 temperature settings which enables you to use various temperature ranges suitable for your hair. You can accordingly adjust the temperature. For example, you can opt for a constant heat feature is heading to some party to flaunt your wavy hair all day long.

7. Havells Digital & Temperature Control Hair Curler (Turquoise)

Hair Curler By Havells

This curler from Havells Digital is good to go for your beautiful mane. It enables you to get natural, deepest, glossy & wavy bouncy hair. If you prefer your hair to be in style all day long then you should opt for the purchase of Havells Digital hair curler. 

  • The 25mm dimensions of the curler help you to achieve bouncy curls and make you look beautiful.
  • This curler is good to go for all kinds of hair, thin or dense, and works well on shorter to lengthy hair.
  • It comes with a cool tip for convenience and safe handling and with an in-built clamp. 
  • The auto shut-off feature makes it safer to use. 
  • The temperature settings range from 80 degrees Celsius to 210 degrees Celsius.
  • The smart LED display is in-built to control the temperature.

8. Lifelong Professional Hair Curling Iron with Temperature Control

Hair Curler By Lifelong

Lifelong professional hair curler is another best curler that is budget-friendly and yet comes with all the required features that enable your hair styling tool to do all the various styles.

  • It comes with a 25mm barrel that gives flowy, shiny & wavy hair.
  • Ceramic chrome plate coating distributes the heat evenly on hair and prevents overheat damage. 
  • Temperature selection switches are present to customize heat according to the hair type. 
  • It comes with all other features like an on/off button, LED display, and indicator light.
  • 1.8m cord length enables maximum movement while hair styling.
  • The product warranty is of 1 year.

9. Agaro HC-6001 Hair Curling Iron with 25mm Barrel

Hair Curler by Agaro

If you are a woman who loves to flaunt her ‘wow’ looking curls. Then this product is for you. The 25mm barrel diameter of the curler is just perfect for creating all kinds of curls and making you look gorgeous.

  • Tourmaline ceramic-coated tong. The ceramic coated plates of the barrel prevent hair damage, gives a smooth & shiny touch to hair with lesser frizz. The barrel heats up faster and provides all the long-lasting stylish hair.
  • Cool-touch tip. Now style without worry with Agaro HC-6001 curler. Its cool touch feature protects fingers from heat burns and gives you tension-free styling.
  • Temperature up till 200 celsius. The curler can withstand a temperature up to 200 celsius, which is perfect for long-lasting curls without any actual damage to hair or the scalp.
  • 360-degree swivel cord. It enables you to rotate the curler conveniently and ensures hassle-free hairstyling. 
  • LED indicator. The LED blinker makes it very convenient to know the power state of the curler.

10. Glorial Cordless Auto Hair Curler

Hair Curler by Glorial

This ergonomically designed hair curler is best suitable for all hair types. Glorial cordless enables you to achieve flowy curls within minutes.

  • Saves your time by quick heating.
  • Professionally designed barrel with tourmaline ceramic coating.
  • The LED display shows the power, temperature, direction, and timer.
  • This curler heats up quickly, and the cordless design maximizes hairstyling efficiency. 
  • The device has the feature to automatically shut down after 10 minutes of start-up.
  • The device has a unique Anti-tangle design & an automatic reverse rotation feature, enables you to get a tangled-free hairstyle.
  • This intelligently designed curler comes with an inductor motor, sensor chip & ceramic curl chamber.

Hair Curler Buying Tips

Know your hair type

Just know your hair type before buying any kind of hair curler. Hair curlers are specifically designed after considering each hair type.

Choosing the type of material for curler

The material of curlers can be metal, ceramic, or Tourmaline ceramic plated. 

  • Ceramic curlers. They are perfect for damaged & frizzy hair. They provide the hair with an extra glossy look and lock the natural moisture in the hair.
  • Metal irons. They can be a bit harsh on sensitive and delicate hair types. But they are great for volumizing your hair. Especially for thin hair types, they prove to be best as they add more volume and body to hair. 
  • Tourmaline ceramic plated hair irons. They are just perfect if you have delicate, gentle & frizzle hair. This type of coating makes the hair look extra rich, glossy, and shiny. Overall gives a smooth touch to hair with lesser frizz. 

Size of the barrel of curler matters

The size of the barrel decides the size of the curls that you want to achieve. 

  • Go for a smaller barrel-sized curler if you have short hair. 
  • Ladies with hair length medium to the hair should prefer larger barrel sizes of the curler to achieve perfect curls on their heads. 
  • Also, smaller barrels give hair tighter curls. Larger barrels enable you to achieve gentle, more wavy curls.
  • This barrel makes the thin hair look richer by adding volume & body to the hair. Thicker hair will require a bigger curler to achieve larger curls that last all day long and gives perfect wavy curls. 

Temperature settings matter

Curlers come in a larger variety of different temperature ranges. It is recommended to choose one that has an adjustable temperature setting feature while purchasing your hair curler.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Curlers in India?

Q1. Should I get curler if I already have a straightener?

The answer is ‘yes. Curlers are particularly designed to give desired results in hair styling with more convenience and speed. However, the straightener would take more time and effort to give you the same results. And then curls done by straightener look not that flawless and do not last long.

While with the curler you can get any desired result for your hair.

Q2. At what temperature should the curler be adjusted?

Excess heat can damage hair. Therefore, choosing the temperature to style your hair is an important aspect. It is highly recommended not to exceed the temperature of your tool above 180 degrees Celsius to avoid damaging hair. 

*Opt for 150/160 degrees Celsius temperature for styling thin or damaged hair.

*While for hair that is more robust and thick, 180 degrees Celsius temperature is perfect for hairstyling.

Q3. Can I use the curler on wet hair?

This is not advisable to use the curler on wet hair. The curler requires heat energy to function. Do not use it on wet hair. This would cause hair damage. Always ensure that you have hair with a curler. 

Q4. What are the store tips for a curler?

Disconnected your hair tool and allow it to cool down before you store it. Do not apply any stress on the cord’s point. Keep the cord loose with no tangled folds or bends. Store the tool in a safe & secure place, dry location, and keep it away from the reach of children. 

Q5. What effect does the release of negative ions by the curler have?

Mostly hair appliances release negative ions to rebalance the charge of hair and prevent frizz. Hair becomes softer and shinier. 

Important safety instructions to keep in mind when using curlers:

1). Do not wrap the power cord around the appliance. Avoid twisting and folding tightly the cord as it can cause cord damage. The entry point of the cord into the unit must be kept carefully placed. It can result in the rupture of the cord and can even cause an electrical failure of the device.

2). Do not let your appliance come in the contact with water, the appliance can electrically live even when the switch is off.

3). Unplug the device after use and store it in a safe & dry place and keep it away from children.

4). Keep appropriate distance between the cord and heating surface of the device.

5). It is not recommended to use an extension cord with this appliance.

6). In case if the appliance falls into water, switch and unplug the device immediately.

7). Do not keep the appliance directly on any surface when it is hot or already plugged in.

Buy the Best Hair Curler for You

Every woman desires to keep that little bounce on their heads. And a curler is the best product that they use to get those wavy and beautiful curls in their hair.

Through this blog, after researching and exploring the information on each model of the hair curler. We enlisted the ten best hair curling irons of India in 2021. The selection of each model is done based on performance, reliability, quality, and customer feedback. We ensure you that any of the above described/enlisted products will give you the best results and value for money. 

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