5 Best Hand Creams in India 2021

In this world, we live with a myth that our face is the only part of our body that attracts people and we give all the attention to taking care of our face with the best possible products. But What about our Hands? They are one of the most used parts of our body and need absolutely good care with high-quality hand creams to keep them soft, clean, smooth, healthy, and beautiful. Your hands are exposed to the sun as often as your face so it is important to protect them too from environmental damage, dirt, free radicals, and hand cleaning chemicals damage.

Why it is Important to Use Hand Cream?

Most people use the same lotion or moisturizer on their hands that they are using for their faces which is not appropriate at all. It is really important to use the Hand cream specifically for Hands care. Now you wonder why to use different creams for different parts of the body when the main work of any cream is to moisturize? The two main reasons behind this are first, the skin of our face is not as thick as the backside of our hand. The second reason, sebaceous glands are present in large numbers on our faces as compared to our hands and feet. Sebaceous glands are the oil-producing glands that keep the skin moist and hydrated naturally. These oil glands are not obtainable in the necessary amount on our hands which often leads to quick dryness and aging. So, we need to take extra care of our hands when it comes to moisturizing them.

The Perfect Hand Care Routine

The Covid-2019 time has taught each one of us the basic hand clean routine on regular basis. We are using all kinds of strong alcoholic sanitizers, hand cleaners to keep ourselves protected from viruses and infections. Thinking from safety purposes, it is good to use such cleaning products but we should not forget the fact that these products are proved to be awfully harsh on our skin. The consistent use of harsh chemicals on hands and frequent hand washing may lead to chronic dryness, wrinkles, and skin issues. In order to avoid such skin penalties, we just have to incorporate a small Hand care Routine regularly to repair and moist the damage once a day. Follow these steps for a Perfect Hand care Routine in your daily regime to make your hands as beautiful and healthy as your face.

Clean your Hands with Mild Hand Wash

Choose a hydrating, detergent-free, and alcohol-free hand wash so that the chemicals do not wash away all the natural oil from your hands. The ingredients or extracts used in the hand wash should be skin-friendly like aloe, organic honey, lime, etc., and maintain the oil content of your hands.

Clean the Cuticles and Push them Back

Before touching the cuticles apply a small amount of moisturizer to the nails to soften them. Afterward, push the cuticles a little bit back softly with a nail tool to give it a clean look. Also, it helps to let the nails breathe, grow and avoid fungal infections if any.

Grind and Trim your Nails on a Regular Basis

Filing and trimming of nails are important to make the nails stronger by grinding off the weaker part and give them a clean and beautiful shape that you like. Many people like to match the shape of their nails with the shape of their cuticles.

Apply the Suitable Hand Cream

Choose your hand cream wisely. You may have noticed that many beautiful hand creams smell really good but in order to keep the scent for long, they have to include high levels of alcohol. Also, such products are formulated with ingredients that cause irritation and happen to be far drier on the hands. So, dump such products and select your hand cream carefully appropriate for your skin concern. Good hand cream is gently formulated with a good moisturizer, mild fragrance, and alcohol-free for young ageless hands.

Give the Nails a Break from Nail Paint Once in Two Weeks

We all know that nail paints are another form of colored chemical that we apply to our nails. But if it is really that important part of your beauty regime then you are suggested to always coat your nails with good quality nail paint. For healthy nails remove your nail paint for at least one or two days in two weeks. This will save your nails from any fungal damage, yellowing, and keeping them shiny baby pink, which will overall enhance your hands look.

Do Manicure at Home Once a Week or in Two Weeks

One should do a manicure to remove the dead skin from hands and to do the nourishment at deeper levels. Manicure at home saves a lot of money and time as compared to the salon. If you are following a hand care routine on daily basis then a manicure at home does not require huge efforts. Only scrubbing and massaging is to be followed once a week for massaging and exfoliation.

The List of Top 5 Hand Creams that do Wonders to your Hands

In today’s time, when we are more prone to cold, flu, and infections everybody is using so many alcohol-based sanitizers and soaps to keep themselves safe and protected. Have you realized that frequent washing and sanitizing is getting extremely hard on your hands? The excess wash and sanitizations extract the natural oil and water from the hands leaving them dry, dehydrated, chappy, and aged. In order to heal and repair your damaged hands try the following best hand creams and enjoy beautiful, soft, and healthy hands.

1. For Hydration

The first thing we need to understand is that our skin has both oil and water content. When the water content lacks in the skin it looks parched and thirsty. The main felon is Inadequate Moisture in the hands may it be due to the hard winter season or recurrent hand cleaning and sanitizing. Do not worry! Here is the ultimate solution to soothe your hand problems.

Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Hand Cream

Hydration is the sole way to treat dehydrated and dry hands due to seasonal change, frequent hand washing, sanitizing, usage of detergents, gels, soaps, or other environmental factors. The Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Hand Cream is encumbered with Mediterranean olive oil that brings back the natural oil of the skin, restores the softness and suppleness.

The goodness of olive oil in this hand cream helps in killing off the bacteria on the skin and its fat component helps in the deep hydration of hand skin. In addition, it helps in repairing the wrinkles, fine lines, cracked hands, and defy the age spots or dark marks by increasing the elasticity of the skin. This hand cream repairs the skin damage and seal the water content in the top layer of the skin averting it from evaporating into the environment. Moreover, this is a light and non-greasy hand cream that gets absorbed instantly.

It’s a luxurious brand with a beautiful fragrance that works miraculously towards reinstating your hand’s health and shine your confidence.  

2. For Aging

If you are looking for a Hand cream that helps you to get rid of early aging on your hands you are absolutely stopped at the right place. Here comes a magical formula in form of a hand cream that works drastically well on premature skin aging.

Himalaya Age-defying Hand Cream

The first beautiful thing about this hand cream is that it is purely herbal and is suitable for all skin types. Himalaya Age-defying Hand Cream is wholly infused with cocoa butter, spiked ginger Lily, Greater galangal, Rose Myrtle and Woodfordia. The exclusive formula of pooling the rich extract of these key ingredients with the natural sunblock and antioxidants brings out three benefits.

The first benefit is that it rehydrates and repairs the skin intensively which helps to increase the skin elasticity. When the suppleness of the skin is improved consider that half of the damage is controlled. The second benefit is the blast of antioxidants present in this hand cream that leads to a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, and preventing the premature aging of hands. The Third benefit is the presence of Natural Sunscreen in this packing is the icing on the cake. Like the face, our hands are also exposed to the sun and environment all the time.

Himalaya Age-defying Hand Cream helps to guard the hand skin against unsafe Ultra Violet Rays and leave the hands young, soft and smooth.

3. For Hand Whitening (TAN Removal)

Most of the time our hands are exposed to harmful sun rays that cause sunburn, pigmentation, and TAN on top of it. If the TAN is not taken care of, it gets endured with the passing time and gradually transforms into black spots or dark skin tones. A small step towards choosing an appropriate hand cream for the TAN concern can help your hands save their freshness and brightness.

Oriflame Silk Beauty White Glow Hand Cream

This Silk Beauty White glow hand cream works exceptionally well and truly justifies its name. Keep one thing in mind we cannot expect high results after applying it for once. The regular use of Oriflame hand cream with patience and time gives you long-lasting results. The hand creams that claim to offer you quick results are undoubtedly encumbered with harmful chemicals and gives you temporary results.

Oriflame silk beauty white glow hand cream is infused with silk proteins, cherry blossom, white mulberry, and white orchid flower extract. The silk protein improves the ability of the skin to rejuvenate at its best, increases the collagen thus enhances the elasticity of the skin, helps in tightening the loose and wrinkled hand skin. The white mulberry eradicates pigmentation, diminishes aging marks, and acts as a shield from Ultra Violet Rays. Moreover, the mulberries extract fades away the uneven skin tone results in beautiful, soft, and white youthful hands.

The Cherry blossom contains lush of vital fatty acids and high antioxidants that fight with free radicals, removes the tan, restores the damaged skin. The blend of these ingredients works phenomenally on hands keeping them silky soft and milky white complexion.

4. For Fragrance

You might be thinking that perfumed hand cream means the presence of chemicals that proved harmful for hands. Does that mean fragrance creams leads to skin damage? Absolutely not! On the contrary, many natural fragrances relieve stress, anxiety and take good care of the mind and thoughts by keeping the nerves calm. So here comes a hand cream with an organic cologne that cheers your soul up and restores your hand’s youth.

Plum Wild Hand Cream, Cherries, and Kiwi

The goodness of merry fruits makes this hand cream only one of its kind. This 100 percent herbal hand cream is a purely vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free product that contains wild cherry fruit and kiwi seed oil accompanied with Shea butter. The Plum wild cherry and kiwi hand cream smell delightful, make you feel fresh and aromatic. Moreover, this lightweight hand cream is laden with antioxidants that improve your skin texture and shea butter that deeply moisturizes the dryness leaving your hands supple soft.

One more factor that makes this hand cream even more extraordinary is the eco-friendly packaging of this product. Once the product is fully used you can contact customer care and request a pickup of empty bottles for recycling. Isn’t it amazing!

5. For Sanitizing and Moisturisation

Sanitizing and washing the hands has become crucially important in Covid time against infection and Virus. But the frequent use of alcohol sanitizers and harsh soaps or gel has affected our hands’ health adversely. Are you searching for a hand care product that acts as both sanitizer and moisturizer? Well, the good news is that you are in the right place.

Dot & Key Hand Cream

Almost everyone is fed up with dry and damaged hand skin due to the regular use of alcohol sanitizers. This luxury hand cream offers the dual advantage of Sanitization and hydration. Isn’t it amazing?

The USA made Dot & key hand cream does not hold any foul chemicals, petroleum, sulfates parabens, alcohol and is cruel free that makes it 100% safe for skin health. This unique two in one formula for sensitive skin not only prevent your hands from dryness, allergy, cracks, and damage but also from germs infection. Dot & key hand cream is loaded with anti-bacterial ingredients that make it alcohol-free sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs and at the same time keeps your hand soft, supple and hydrated. Hand cream with nourishing shea butter, jojoba oil pervaded with mandarin, and lime leaving a gush of freshness in your hands.

Mandarin and lemon are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin E hence are responsible for healthy and fresh hand skin. The antibacterial and astringent properties of mandarin and lemon extract effectually disinfect your hands without irritating the hand skin. One of the key ingredients’ shea butter acts as an outstanding moisturizer that tugs the water from the second layer of skin to the first layer of skin to hydrate the hands completely. The golly of jojoba oil infuses the skin of hands with ultimate nourishment keeping the hands soft and supple for a longer period. The natural ingredients in this hand cream make it absolutely safe for day-to-day use.

Note: “Apply hand cream twice a day at least and better to apply a little after every hand wash during the day.

Bonus Tip: The Right Way to Apply Hand Cream

As you know now that how vital it is to use hand creams but what is more important to understand is the right method of applying hand creams. Follow the steps in order to make the best of it.

Clean the Hands

Hands cleanliness is the first step before picking up the hand cream. It helps to clean the dirt and dust from the pores in the hands which helps the hand cream to seep into the skin.

Remove the Accessories

The second step is to remove all the accessories from your hands like rings. It makes sure that the hand cream does not skip any part of the hands mainly in between the fingers and is spread evenly all through.

Apply Cream on the Back of the Hand

The third step is to not follow the biggest mistake that everyone does. Never apply hand cream on the palms because the dry skin is actually on the back of your hands. So that’s why you need to apply the cream on the backside of the hand first and then rub with the back of the second hand.

Massage Thoroughly

After putting the hand cream here comes the fourth step, give a proper massage to the hands in big circular motions. Do not forget to reach the middle of the fingers and a bit towards the wrist. In the end, massage the knuckles and nails mildly with any leftover lotion.

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