5 Best Onion Hair Oil in India for Strong, Long, and Shiny Hair

Onion is a powerful ingredient from the kitchen that has proved magical for your hair strength and repair. Red Onion has properties that not only help in the growth of hair but also improve the quality and condition of damaged hair boundlessly. Before the advent of onion hair oil, many people rub raw onion juice on the scalp to get the desired results which no doubt is beneficial but at the same time difficult to wash away the foul strong smell and is to be used fresh every time you apply.

Don’t worry! We have the best alternatives in form of Onion Hair oil in India to deliver the quick results, you are looking for.

Why Hair Oiling is Important?

We have heard from our grandparents that hair oiling is important to condition the hair and bring back life to dry lifeless and damaged hair. But do we know what is the main reason behind it? Oiling the hair is proved to be very beneficial for both hair and mind health. Basically, the application of oil in the hair followed by light fingers massage allows deep penetration in the pores, increases blood circulation, and arouses hair growth. Oil massage helps in calming the nerves thus relieves stress and mental pressure. Also, it provides moisture to the hair and repairs the brittle and weak hair.

Top Onion Hair Oils in India to Transform your Hair

1. Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil

An onion hair oil that truly justifies its name Positive Root Therapy! This Onion hair oil gives you the best root therapy needed for your hair with positive and amazing results. Branding as Onion oil does not mean that it contains onions only. Positive root therapy hair oil is an enchanting blend of red onions from Bengaluru and 37 essential oils extracted from herbs.

A balanced mixture of Almonds, Bhringraja, and Red onion makes it a super formula for hair growth. Almonds being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vit A, B1, B6, E deeply nourishes the hair roots and restores the nutrients for strengthening and repairing damaged hair. Many of us have heard about Bhringraja, an unbelievable herb that boosts hair growth and prevents hair fall. The main component onion is a super source of sulphur loaded with amino acids that improve blood circulation, stimulates hair production that promotes hair volume, minimizes the thinning and breakage of hair.

Positive Root therapy Onion hair is an exclusive combination of Pro sulphur formula, keratin boosters laden with pure and natural ingredients that help in collagen production. The systematic use of this Onion hair oil improves the texture of your hair reduces fizziness in hair and the goodness of Castor, Bhui amla combined with other essential ingredients prevents premature greying effectively. 

In addition, Positive Onion Hair oil is 100% natural containing astonished herbs like Jatamansi, Amla, Reetha, Argan oil, Jojoba, Turmeric, lemongrass, rosemary, manjitha, bahada, Harada, Eucalyptus, peppermint, etc and is suitable for both men and women.

Positive Root therapy Onion hair oil is now available in a luxurious and easy-to-use bottle packing filled with fresh heightened fragrance that soothes your mind. No hair oil can give you an instant outcome, so you are advised to use this Onion hair Oil for at least 3 months on alternative days for matchless results. The best thing is that you do not have to risk your money, you can use the product for 120 days and if you are not satisfied with the product the company will refund the full money with a smile.

2. Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil with 14 Essential Oils

This Multi-Purpose Luxura science Onion hair oil is a wide-ranging hair treatment suffused with 14 essential Oils. This organic Onion hair oil contains Onion combined with essential Oils Neem, Jojoba, Sesame, castor, Hibiscus, Bhringraja, Coconut, Tea tree, Argan, almond, Cedarwood, amla, and Olive Oil with miraculous properties. The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein from these natural ingredients give ultra-shine, hair growth, detangled, and nourished hair.

This onion oil from Luxura sciences claims a 91% fall in Hair loss after 14 applications in the right manner. The presence of onion component in Luxura science onion hair oil is mainly responsible for building hair blocks. The anti-bacterial properties of onion help to prevent scalp infections that might lead to hair fall. It also repairs the frizzy and damaged hair by providing them with the vital nutrients that absorb quickly that make you experience revitalized and tame-free Hair.

Luxura science onion hair oil is apt for all types of hair may it be color-treated, natural, straight, or curly and conditions the hair beautifully. The regular use of this onion hair oil gives you a spa-type salon experience.

Restriction on the usage of artificial fragrances, colorants, parabens, and hair chemicals in this hair oil entitle this product 100% safe. Luxura Sciences Onion Multipurpose Hair Oil is dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic but it is always suggested to take a small test patch before applying any product to the face or head.

3. Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Oil with 30 Oil Extracts

Do you want to combat your Hair Problems naturally with fewer efforts? No problem! Here comes the Oriental botanic Red Onion hair Oil, the solution to all your Hair issues, prettily packed in a bottle with a comb applicator cap. The Oriental Botanics hair oil is formulated with 30 powerful vegetal ingredients that do wonder to your hair and are free from damaging chemicals, silicone, fragrance, or mineral oil.

Oriental Botanics Red onion hair oil is an extraordinary, unmatched blend of natural extracts that include primarily Red onion, Moroccan argan Oil, Ratan Jot, Macademia, Bhringraj, Rosehip, and Curry leaf. This miraculous combination of organic oils also contains sweet almond, aloe vera, grape seed, avocado, sesame, wheat germ, castor, olive, jojoba, borage, mustard, ginger, lemon rice, bran soybean, fennel, Gotu kola oil, oat, rosemary, manjistha, and Brahmi. Wow! All goodness in one bottle.

This hair oil is a rich blend of botanical ingredients that are proved to be beneficial for strengthening, nourishing, conditioning the hair, maintaining the PH equilibrium and antioxidation of the scalp. When Oriental Botanics hair oil is applied to your hair strands, it acts as a natural conditioner leaving your hair soft, shiny, and silky. The properties of onion, curry leaf, and other anti-oxidants fill this magic bottle of hair oil with sulphur, potassium, etc that promotes overall hair and scalp health. The richness of onion combined with specific components increases the blood and oxygen supply to the hair transforming from dull, lifeless, weak hair to bouncy, thick, and moisturized hair. It also fights against environmental factors like pollution, dirt, dust and rejuvenates your hair to its best.

One of the best things about this Onion Hair oil is that it has a comb applicator that helps to reach the oil directly into the hair roots and spread evenly in hair roots. You just need to squeeze the bottle lightly and comb your hair with the applicator from the start of the forehead to the back of the head at the same time. Combing thoroughly from hair roots to strands not only cover your head and scalp completely but that too without any spillage.

4.WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

Wow skin science Onion black seed oil is organically formulated with 100% pure cold-pressed oils that include Onion Black seed oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil. Since it is made up of the finest botanical Oils, it claims to stop premature hair greying, control hair fall and dandruff to a great extent. Also, good news for the ones who are suffering from hair split ends due to continuous use of hair tools like hot straighteners, this hair oil removes all the split ends amazingly. The regular use of Wow skin science Onion black seed oil repairs frizzy hair and also promotes new growth of hair.

This Onion black seed hair oil gets easily absorbed and locks the moisture in the hair strands without any greasiness or stickiness in your hair. Also, the extraordinary properties of the key ingredients in Wow skin science Onion black seed oil not only deeply nourishes the hair but also increases the shine, and the thickness of hair.

This premium quality Black Onion seed hair oil is infused with the richness of Onion Black seeds blended with other premium oils that reverses the hair damage caused by heating treatments, hair styling products, and environmental factors. The presence of Copper and zinc minerals in Jojoba Oil improves your hair’s liveliness. The antioxidants and vital fatty acids like Omega 6 in this hair oil facilitate scalp care by providing required nourishment. The wow skin science onion hair oil is filled with Vitamin A, B1, B6, E that hydrates your hair intensively and makes them look glossier, soft, and smooth. It is usable for all kinds of hair including color-treated hair. Wow, skin science onion black seed hair oil is 100% cruelty-free, no synthetic fragrance, no added color, mineral oil, and silicone-free that makes it altogether an organic hair Oil.

5. Biotique Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

Biotique comes with an advanced organic haircare range that offers an impactful Biotique Onion Black Seed Hair Oil. It is a luxury product that contributes to hair growth and prevents premature greying of hair effectively. This Non-sticky-greasy hair oil is produced with certified Organic Himalayan Onions that prevent hair breakage, decrease hair fall and boost hair strength.  

Biotique onion black seed hair oil is a powerful tonic for rough-textured, dry, weak, and grey hair. Infused with black onion seeds this oil helps to improve your hair texture, strength and cover your grey hair over a period of time. Being rich in potassium, sulphur, and antioxidants, the regular usage of this hair oil not only stops the breakage but also allows new hair to grow at increased speed.

Onion black seed oil is useful for people who are suffering from hair issues other than dryness and color damage like thinning of hair, bald patches, and little boils on scalp or scalp infection. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and nutritional properties with 15 amino acids of Onion black seed oil absorb through pores of scalp and repairs the hair and scalp damage. The protein from amino acids builds your hair blocks nourishes the hair strands and leaves your hair silky and soft. Onion black seed oil is filled with monosaturated fatty acids that work as hair conditioner which will give you a noticeable change in your hair within a few weeks.

Biotique Onion seed Hair oil is dermatologist tested, No animal testing, preservative-free, pure, and 100% vegan suitable for both men and women.

Bonus Tip: How to Do Hair Oiling?

Many people say that Oiling is not good for hair because it leads to hair breakage and scalp infections. But the fact is that incomplete knowledge never gets you the desired results. Hair oiling is the best therapy if it is done at the right time and in the right way. You just need to keep a few things in mind and follow the right process.

Let us have look at two things that everyone should consider before oiling their hair. First of all, people who have oily scalp should never apply oil on their scalp it may aid in hair fall. But that does not mean that people with oily scalp cannot apply hair oil. What they can do is dodge putting oil directly on the scalp rather than apply the oil directly to the hair without touching the hair roots.

Secondly, if you have dandruff make sure that you avoid hair roots oiling because oil, when applied on dandruff scalp, may lead to the spread of fungal infection.

If long, lustrous, shiny hair is your dream then follow the right steps to apply hair oil in order to get the maximum benefits out of the process.

1 Clean the Hair

Before oiling you should make certain that your hair is clean. Never forget to apply oil on a clean scalp only. Wash your hair if you think that your scalp is oily, dirty or if it’s been more than a day you have washed your hair. Hair oiling on a dirty scalp weakens the hair root thus results in hair fall.

2 Keep your Hair Damp for Oiling

Your hair should not be 100% dry right before oiling. If you have just taken the head bath let it 70% dry to reach the damp stage. Otherwise, take a small spray bottle filled with water to dampen the hair. The oil absorbs much better on wet hair and works in an efficient manner.

3. Choose the Best Hair Oil

Select the best Hair oil as per your Hair requirement. The market is flooded with various Hair oils meant for different hair concerns. You have to decide the suitable oil that is needed for your hair. If you have healthy hair and you want to do the regular conditioning only you can use the Base oils like Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Olive oil, etc. If you are suffering from extreme hair fall, weak, fizzy and greying hair you can choose the finest

Onion hair oil is creating sensations in transforming the hair of many people. For the ones who are experiencing hair dryness or dullness due to stress or anxiety factor, they may add essential oils like rosemary, lavender to their base oils. Selecting the best Hair oil according to your hair issue helps you to fetch the best hair transformation.

4. Warm the Oil

After picking out the appropriate hair oil let us move to the next step. Take the oil as per your hair length and put it into the pan. Warm the oil a little bit you can say Lukewarm, keep in mind not to heat the oil for more than a few seconds. Otherwise, extreme heating of oil will not only result in burning the beneficial properties of oil but can end up burning up your hands and scalp as well.

5. Apply Oil on Scalp / Hair

People who have oily scalp should avoid applying oil to the roots of the hair. Take oil on the palm and start applying it on the hair two inches away from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Moreover, if you have a dry scalp without any dandruff then take oil with the help of your fingertips and tap on the roots evenly.  

6. Massage Thoroughly

Now, here comes the most important step of Hair Oiling that is responsible for reaching the essentials of oil to the hair glands. No matter you have applied hair oil on the scalp or directly on the hair length, the massage is meant to be done on the scalp. We have often seen people taking vigorous hair massage right after hair spa which is extremely bad for the hair. After Oiling, take thorough hair roots massage with light fingers which improve blood circulation that further leads to hair conditioning, Hair growth, and stress relief.

5. Do Not Go Out

After the Hair oiling process, avoid going out with oil still on the hair. One reason behind this is that after massaging, the scalp gets a bit warm and relaxed, going out in direct air can make you fall sick. The second reason is Oily hair or scalp attracts dirt and dust in the open environment thus defying the purpose of oiling and leaving the hair greasy.

6. Keep it On for 2 Hours

Try to apply the hair oil in day or evening time so that you can wash your hair on time and let them dry naturally. You should keep the hair oil for not more than two hours like many people do overnight hair oiling which may break and weaken your hair.

7. Wash your Hair

The last step is to wash your hair with sulphate and paraben-free shampoo. The mild shampoos do not take away the natural oil from the scalp and the good effects of Hair Oiling.

Buy the Best Onion Hair Oil for you Now

Hair fall, Itching, Fungal infections, thinning of hair, dryness have become common hair issues for everyone these days due to one or the other reason. These five organic onion hair oils work as natural hair therapy that restores the lost luster & shine. Moreover, it also brings back the health of our hair.

Note: People with oily scalp should avoid hair roots oiling and preferably, should do the hair oiling once a week

Monika is a fashion stylist who loves to share reviews, buying guides on beauty and health products. Apart from blogging, she spends time reading about ancient Vedas of nutrition, health-related journals, and books. She is also pursuing a degree course in naturopathy to assist people in curing their health issues.


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