10 Best Gas Stoves in India: Buying Guide 2021

From old-age-style cooking on Chulhas using solid fuel such as wood, coal, dung cake, etc. to use of modernized Gas stove fuelled with flammable gas such as Butane, Propane, and CNG, we have made a great technological Advancement. Also harnessing a conventional mode to better use with a piece of well-equipped machinery has helped to make Human Lifestyle better. Today every household has a kitchen and has a long list of types of equipment adding to the kitchen aesthetics, Gas stoves are one of them.

These gas stoves help in the primary purpose of cooking food and hence having a kitchen luxury that can help you cook better and add to the grace of kitchenware at the same time is always an option every housemaker wants to explore.

The market is flooded with a variety of gas stoves meeting the need of each consumer. It is sometimes very confusing to make a suitable choice among various options of gas stoves in India. To avoid confusion and choose the best Gas stove that fits your best need, one must ponder upon the following points :

 1. Number of burners. Burners are the most important part of any gas stove. Different gas stoves come with several burners: one, two, three, or four-burner and can be purchased according to the customer’s need.

 2. Type of material used. Burners along with the metal tubing frame decide the longevity and safety of the gas stoves. The most common and pocket-friendly gas stoves are made of stainless steel and nowadays mostly Brass. To add to better looks nowadays gas stoves are made of toughened glass making its glass top easy to clean and withstand the impact of utensils.

 3. Type of Ignition. Most of the gas stoves have manual ignition but now Due to advancements in technology many of the gas stoves have come up with auto ignitions. These auto ignitions also are of two types: manual and automatic. In automatic ignition, the gas knobs are connected to a power supply or batteries are fitted for the spark to ignite.

4. Brand value. Nowadays to ensure better safety and proven quality people rely on products made by known companies. A branded product is the key highlight in the market due to its already present trust factor in every household.

Reviews of Best Gas Stoves in India

 1. Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong has come up with an elegant design and a robust built. It has been a tough competition to other brands in the market right now. Their products are easy to buy within an affordable range and offer great features.

Key Features

  • 6mm tough glass covering makes it rough and tough and easy to clean.
  • Burners are made of Brass and are designed to enable equal distribution of the flame for a better cooking experience.
  • The nylon made knobs make gas stove usage very efficient and safe by controlled and precise flame generation.
  • Pan support provides sufficient space for occupying utensils and maintains a steady balance.
  • The anti-skid support ensures the stability of the gas stove itself even when there is excess pressure of utensils.

2. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Old is gold. The Butterfly is one of the oldest, lovable, and praised gas stove brands of India. Their steel burners’ discovery has brought a revolution in the market. The premium built, they offer is of top-notch quality. Today Gas stove burners from Butterfly are in high demand because of the best features it offers, at a very reasonable price.

Some of the highlighting features of this product

  • Smart glass top with toughened quality glass and anti-spill design.
  • Pan lock feature that avoids pots and pans from skidding easily, with unique gripping of the utensils that ensures proper heat distribution and makes cooking easier.
  • Powder coating on the gas stove makes it corrosion resistant and increases longevity. Frequent spilling and no protection layer covering makes any surface prone to early damage but this minute detail has been taken care of in the Butterfly 3 Burner Gas stove.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel adds to the life of a gas stove and makes its maintenance easy.
  • Panel with a flame slow feature in which flame retards with time in case of long cooking hours.
  • Robust support legs ensure stabilized cooking top also these supports are resistant to heat.
  • Top selling product on Amazon

3. Prestige Marvel Glass Top Three Burner Gas Stove

One of the most known and common household names is Prestige. Best known for its excellent innovative design and efficient working, Prestige has a wide range of kitchenware ranging from pressure cookers, mixer grinders, and other electrical appliances. Prestige products are a great deal in terms of manufacture, built, and value for money.

Prestige Marvel Top 3 Burner Gas Stove with manual ignition also has a wide range of features to help you ease out life in the kitchen.

Key Features

  • Pan support offers uniformity in heating utensils and stabilized support which provides a better cooking experience.
  • Knob design helps to relieve heavy kitchen duty as it helps to achieve precision flame without much wasting of fuel.
  • The shockproof black glass top is a combination of durability, the sturdiness with aesthetic design. Many accidents and damages can be avoided because of its heat resistant properties.
  • Tri-pin burner allows continuous flame, making cooking easier without taking much time.
  • Spill-proof cooking helps to make the cooking experience better and helps to maintain hygienic conditions.

4 . MILTON Premium 3 burner (Red) Gas Stove

One of the premium brand whose overall looks add to the grace of kitchen platform along with durable and tough built offering premium advantages. Milton gas stoves are smartly built with a mild steel frame that increases their durability for years to come. Its red and black design in the Premium 3 burner Gas stove is a beauty to add to your kitchenware collection.

Some of the detailed features of this product

  • The 7mm toughened layer offers high resistance to heat and can handle high pressure and impact of utensils.
  • A mild steel body makes it look all modern, elegant, and trendy.
  • A pure brass burner enhances the efficiency and adds to the elegant looks of the stove. Premium stoves like this, add to the beauty of the kitchen platform.
  • Pan support: Thickened support provide a wide base to stabilize food-filled pans and avoid disbalance and excessive spillage.
  • Nylon knobs are heatproof that enable safe usage. Controlled heat adds to a smooth cooking experience in the kitchen.
  • Easy platform cleanliness: The mild steel frame platform is spillage resistant and is easy to clean using just a wet cloth.
  • This is Amazon’s choice product

5. GST Royale Plus Schott Glass top Gt 02

This gas stove comes with a premium glass-top finish with rust-resistant texture providing longevity in its performance.The toughened glass comes with a two-year warranty ensuring long-term durability.

There are 3 distinct sized burners: one small and 2 large for different cooking needs equipped on a stainless steel support. This is a manually operated gas stove with smooth knobs. Euro coated grid supports provide better pan base support making the burners more reliable.

Key Features

  • Glasstop finish with Schott toughened glass not only enhance the durability of the gas stove but also adds to kitchen decor and beautifying attributes
  • Euro coated grid and grid support to prevent the pan from falling by providing a wider base and making the cooking experience better. The durable design ensures smooth performance.
  • Toughened glass provides an improvised look to the gas stove along with easy cleaning with just a wet cloth. The glass layer is resistant to scratches and easy breakage.
  • Brass burner: two medium and one small-sized burner help in simplifying the cooking experience fulfilling all the demands. These brass burners come with full safety and give a time-saving experience.
  • Stainless steel support plate. This feature enhances the overall sturdiness of the gas stove providing a better cooking experience.
  • High-quality Knobs. Easy to use knobs make the experience very smooth.
  • Flame controlling is easier.
  • SABAF gas valves. They are manufactured in Italy and then imported and are designed for providing a trouble-free and better experience. These valves are durable and safe to use.

6. Lifelong Glass top Gas stove, 4 burner Gas Stove (ISI certified)

Lifelong has come up with a highly efficient design of a four-burner gas stove that not only enhances the cooking experience but also adds to kitchen aesthetics. This elegant stove has a pocket-friendly range and is designed by engineers to make it leak proof.

This product is ISI marked and has been successful in gaining the trust of its customers through its valued products and services.

Some of the Detailed Key Features of this Product

  • 6mm tough and strong glass makes it rough and tough and easy to clean.
  • Forged burners are made of premium brass and ensures even flame distribution with controlled heat.
  • 4 Burners are the key highlight of this gas stove, as it is a premium kitchen aesthetic and gives a time-saving experience at the same time.
  • The Nylon made knobs make gas stove usage very safe and efficient at the same time by the controlled and precise flame generation.
  • Pan support provides sufficient space for occupying utensils and maintains a steady balance. They also help in the prevention of excess spillage and add to the sturdiness of the gas stove.
  • The Anti Skid support ensures the stability of the gas stove itself even when there is excess pressure of utensils.
  • ISI certified – Worth the trust of many Households.

7.Vidiem Satin 3 Burner Glass Gas Stove (Black)

Today the Vidiem brand has come up with an excellent built design and functioning of its manufactured gas stove. The Gas Stove comes with 3 Different Burners including 97 mm diameter jumbo burner for heavy Vessels & Fast cooking, 83 mm Diameter Medium Burner for Medium Vessels and 70 mm Diameter Small Burner for Small Vessels.

The other features to draw our attention are

  • Large cooking surface. The large surface is covered by a 7mm layer of toughened glass.
  • The burners are well spaced and accommodate vessels with a large diameter.
  • Different burners. 3 different burners jumbo, large and small to carry out cooking in an easy way and thus increase efficiency.
  • Gas tube with the direct flow. This feature helps to improve efficiency and keep away ants and block dust.
  • Pan supports are powder covered and provide a better cooking experience.
  • Wide diameter mixing tubes are thick enough to provide a passage and do not melt easily.
  • Plastic knobs provide a smooth experience with a longer usage time.
  • 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

8. Sunflame SHAKTI 2 Burner Gas Stove (Silver)

Sunflame has come up with a contemporary design of two gas stove burners to embrace our kitchen décor. The LPG gas stove has been certified by ISI ensuring a trustworthy and efficient experience in the kitchen. The Sunflame cooktop has a body frame made of stainless steel and a mirror coat finish to grace our kitchen aesthetics. This cooktop occupies very little space and ensures low gas consumption with uniform heat distribution ability.

Some of the detailed key features of this product

  • Stainless steel framework. The usage of corrosion-resistant steel in the making of the stove frame makes it durable and increases longevity and it is the key highlight of this gas stove. It adds to the toughness and sturdiness of the gas stove.
  • Pan support for heavy vessels. the supports are used for the uniform weight distribution of utensils along with an even pattern of heat distribution.
  • Brass burners. two efficient brass burners help in even heat distribution and make the cooking experience better. They also help to minimize the consumption of LPG.
  • Easy maintenance. compact gas stove frame is easy to clean and maintain. This helps in maintaining a hygienic and healthy environment in the kitchen.
  • Ergonomic Knob. The knobs are made of plastic and are very friendly to use. They help provide better heat control to enhance the cooking experience. Manual usage helps in easy control of the features.
  • Skid-resistant feet. To avoid the risk of skidding in high-pressure situations or while stirring, these anti-skid feet help to provide better stability and make sure the gas stove stays stationary while there is movement around it.

9. Thermador Toughened Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

Thermador comes with a highly efficient design including two gas burners made of brass. It has a toughened 7mm glass top design making it spill-proof and good-looking at the same time. The impressive design is easy to maintain and it blends in so well that it adds grace to your kitchen décor.

Key Features

  • 7mm top glass provides extra strength to the already strong built gas stove. This layer is spillage resistant and the cooktop is easy to maintain due to its glass surface.
  • Pan Support: Broad and heavy pan support provide base and support to cooking utensils to avoid any accidental risk while stirring and thus enhance the cooking experience.
  • Rust free coating: Royal rust-free coating to avoid rust formation and thus increase the usage life of cooktop.
  • Brass Burners: Heavy-duty brass burners for more efficient working.
  • ISI mark safety: the cooktop meets the safety parameters set by ISI and RoHS.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty that includes manufacturing defects.

10. Elica Vetro Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

Elica comes with durable, fuel-efficient, and user-friendly features. The cooktop has a premium looking finish of toughened glass that not only adds to its premium looks but provides an easy to clean and maintain feature. The ElicaVetro Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove is manually operated with durable and long-lasting knobs and mixing tubes.

Some of the Detailed Features of this Cooktop

  • Premium glass layer finishing with rust-resistant surface makes the gas stove not only look good but adds to its efficiency and makes it durable. The toughened glass used comes with 2 years warranty period.
  • The stainless steel body frame used below the glass covering maintains the toughness and longevity of the gas stove.
  • Brass burners. The cooktop is equipped with two 2 different sized burners; one small and one large for different purposes of cooking.
  • Manual ignition. There are premium quality smooth knobs that allow manual operation. This feature also helps to control the flame and achieve desired cooking results.
  • Euro coating on-grid supports help provide better base support and stability to the different sized vessels used while cooking. This makes the burner more safe and reliable.


There is enough stock and variety of gas stoves available in the market. It just depends on the consumer what they have to buy.

There is a varied range of gas stoves from low cost to high-cost offering premium facilities, looks to the customers.

Having read about all the features of various gas stoves available in the market, there are some precautions one has to take to ensure full safety while cooking.

Some Important General Precautions

  • Read the manual that comes with the gas stove thoroughly to avoid any damage to the product and yourself. Its necessary to ensure a smooth experience and make the product run a long time.
  • One has to understand the heat regulation system of the gas stove they are buying. There are three heating stages; High, Medium, and Low. Knowledge about which way to turn the knob to enable proper cooking of food is a must.
  • Alertness and attentiveness while carrying out boiling as many accidents take place due to spillage after boiling. Often spillage burns out the fire and can be dangerous as the fire may be out but the gas flow is continuous, this can lead to fatal accidents sometimes.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of gas stove to avoid clogging of pores to avoid the burner from ruining before time.
  • The utensil’s size must be chosen according to the size of the burners. The pan or pot must not be too oversized or too small according to the burner.

The Gas stoves thus used wisely and with care can be used for a longer time and prove to be economical.


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