8 Best Webcams in India in 2022: Buying Guide

Pandemic truly changed everything. Whether it’s level of business opportunity or medium of job performance. Some industries faced extreme losses whereas some industries received immense profits. The market for Webcams in India expanded vigorously and thus, the demand for the best webcams in India was hard to back up with their supply.

As working from home was the only safe option to exercise, a webcam in India became necessary even to perform basic activities, one uses a webcam for video conferencing another uses a webcam for video streaming.  Webcams are even required for students to attend zoom meetings. This sudden expansion of this industry leads to many questions related to webcams. So, what is the deal about a webcam? Why Webcam in India has become a necessity?

What is a Webcam?

A webcam is a small digital device used for various purposes and is connected with pc/laptop. The basic function of the webcam for which they were invented was to make a video that can be uploaded directly to the web as well as to other devices using the software. Currently, webcam in India is used for multiple tasks in day-to-day lives.

What is the Use of Webcam in India in 2022?

Webcams perform several functions and serve each one at its best a specific type of webcam. In India, webcam for video conferencing, webcam for pc/laptop, webcam for zoom meeting, webcam for live streaming, webcam for integrated surveillance, etc. are all available.

Features of the Best Webcams in India

Webcams serve the necessity duties at their best with the help of their features. The best webcam in India has multiple features which help a webcam to list in the best. These features determine the image clarity, functioning, efficiency, and worth of the best webcam in India.

Resolution & Megapixels

Best webcams provide maximum resolution so that your image appears as clear as possible during video conferencing, live streaming, and zoom meetings. The higher the resolution and the pixels, the clearer your image will appear to the other person. It’s an important feature for a webcam and also gives out a good impression.

Webcam with Microphone

Best webcams are a complete package in themselves. Best Webcams in India offer a great video recording quality as well as an audio recording so you don’t have to equip yourself with a pair of earphones while using a webcam with your pc/laptop. These inbuilt microphones are also capable of noise cancellation for a better webcam experience.

Frames per second

It’s one of the key features of the best webcams in India that one must look forward to before buying a webcam. More the frames per second or fps a webcam offers, the smoother the video and image will be. Always opt for a webcam with higher fps. Some people only opt for higher resolution of webcams neglecting the fps offered by webcams. But to have a higher fps with high resolution is what lists a webcam in the best webcams in India in 2022.

Night vision & Dim light

Lighting plays an important aspect for webcams. This feature in webcam is very useful and admired. Whether you use a webcam in a poorly lit environment or even in dark, its sensors will automatically fix the brightness and lighting to show a good image. Best webcams in India have both auto and manual correction of brightness and contrast functions. These can be done while using software on your laptop/pc which is specifically designed for webcams.

Mounting & Rotation settings

For the best webcams in India, it is better to have a flexible clip base that can move up, down, and side-wise. If this feature is absent in your webcam then you will have to move the monitor or your laptop each time to set the angle. This causes immense discomfort while using a webcam and hence, can not be counted in the list of best webcams in India. Moreover, a mounting base of the webcam is helpful to use the webcam in different surroundings to click pictures or stream video away from the pc/laptop.

Cords or wireless

How to connect a webcam with a laptop/pc? Webcams either have cord connectivity or are wirelessly connected with your WIFI or Bluetooth. Both are great to pick. While going for a webcam with cord connectivity, make sure to check the length of the cord. Always pick the webcam with a longer length of cord.


All the best webcams in India have this feature in 2022. Auto-focus is a feature in the webcam which keeps the subject in focus regardless of movements. This feature in the webcam gives the freedom of movement to you while using gestures during conferencing, live streaming, and video calling. Moreover, you don’t have to sit at a particular distance to your webcam just to keep your image in focus.

Lens quality

The other important feature of the best webcams in India is the quality and material of the lens of the webcam. Generally, the lenses of webcams are made up of glass and plastic. The image clarity of a webcam depends largely on the quality of lenses. Glass lenses are more preferable in webcams in India as they provide clearer and better images than plastic lenses.

Field of View or zoom

Field of view is the feature of a webcam that determines the width of the image portrayed out by that webcam. In the best webcams, this feature is provided which makes it possible to video stream with several people in the same frame. Alongside the field of view which provides wider angel, Zoom is also a great add-on feature in a webcam. It provides the ability to focus and zoom in on a particular object to enlarge the image when desired while using a webcam.

Other factors to consider before buying a Webcam in India in 2022:

Apart from these basic features, there are more advanced features introduced in webcams to set them to stand apart from every other webcam in the market. The webcams with these features not only fulfill all the tasks expected from them but also adds value to their worth and are capable to be picked out by most.


Webcams are designed for different purposes as well as for different types of devices. There are webcams for windows7, webcams for windows10, webcams for iOS, webcams for smart TV, etc. Hence, it is important to check the compatibility of the webcam with your device before buying it. To resolve this, there are many webcams available in the market which are compatible with more than 1 type of device.

Privacy shutter & Password

Webcams have this amazing feature called a privacy shutter. It’s above the lenses and you can shut it down to cover the lens of your webcam just to avoid you getting on screen when you need a break. Another key function a webcam offer is a security password. By this, the access of your webcam remains limited to you and your close one if you prefer to share.


The durability of the webcam practically depends on how and where one intends to use the webcam. If the webcam requires to have video conferencing or zoom meeting, a plastic webcam is fine to work with. In another case, where one intends to use it while traveling for live streaming or recording vlogs then one must go for the metal body webcam.

Security Cam

Webcams which have the features such as motion sensors are very useful. These webcams have an inbuilt software system known as integrated surveillance and can be used as security cams to monitor your house. One can also download this software system if their webcams do not have it.

Ring light

Many webcams have such incredible features which reduce the money which was ought to be spent on other equipment. Such an example is a webcam with an inbuilt ring light. The problem of bad lighting is cured by a webcam.

8 Best Webcams in India in 2022

Once all the features and factors affecting the decision regarding the purchase of a webcam are sorted, it’s time to catch the glimpse of the list of the top 8 best webcams in India in 2022.

1. Logitech C270 HD Webcam

Webcam by Logitech

One of the most reliable companies is Logitech especially when it comes to high-quality webcams. This webcam model by Logitech is one of the bestsellers in webcams in India and is worth the hype. The look of this webcam is fine and the color option in which it comes in is black. Although, it is a great pick for a webcam still we recommend going through its features at least once.

  • This webcam has a video capturing resolution of 720p at 30 fps.
  • This webcam has standard lenses which offer a 60-degree field of view which provides you a widescreen video recording, calling, and streaming experience.
  • This webcam has an inbuilt mono microphone which also facilitates noise cancellation while using it in busy and chaotic surroundings.
  • This webcam by Logitech auto-adjusts and balances the brightness and contrast to give out the best image while video calling, live streaming as well as conferencing.
  • This webcam has a universal clip that can be work as a stand at tables and desks and can also get attached to the screen of your pc/tablet/laptop.
  • This webcam is highly compatible with window 7 and later versions, macOS 10.10 and later versions, Chrome OS, and USB- A port.
  • The focus is fixed on this webcam by Logitech.

2. Logitech C920 Webcam

Webcam by Logitech

Another very popular webcam in India that offers better performance than the model C270 webcam by Logitech is the model C920 webcam. This is the best webcam available in the market and is a very desirable pick for video calling as well as conferencing on Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, etc. A very trendy body design of this webcam with the classic color scheme, black. Other features of this webcam might interest possible webcam buyers.

  • This webcam has a video recording and streaming resolution of 1080 Full HD at 30fps providing very crisp and smooth video quality.
  • This webcam also has an inbuilt dual microphone for better sound quality and also facilitates the noise-cancellation feature for a better video streaming experience even in chaotic surroundings.
  • The lens quality of this webcam model is exceptionally good as they are five-element glass lenses for clearer and sharper image quality.
  •  This webcam has an auto-focus feature and offers a wide 78-degree field of view angle.
  • The auto-correction feature of this webcam is commendable. This webcam automatically balances the brightness and contrast of the video and picture even shot in dim light.
  • This webcam comes with a user’s manual and a 6-foot in length cable.

3. HP w200 Webcam

Webcam by HP

HP is one of the best webcam companies in India and the model w200 Webcam is a popular pick among the masses. The product has 1-year warranty life and comes in a color scheme, black. Check other key features of this webcam to make the right purchase.

  • This webcam offers 720p resolution on 30fps for video recording, conferencing, and streaming.
  • This webcam has an inbuilt mono microphone to have a comfortable video conference, live stream, or zoom meeting without using earbuds or headphones.
  • This webcam is plug and play type which means it does not require drivers to run the webcam.
  • This webcam has tripod support which offers quality video and images.
  • This webcam is a very desirable pick for zoom meetings, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Hangouts, WeChat, etc. platforms.
  • This webcam is compatible with Windows XP both SP2 and SP3, Vista, and Mac OS 10 and higher.

4. Logitech C922 Webcam

Webcam by Logitech

This model by Logitech is a Pro Stream Webcam. This webcam is widely used for hyper-fast streaming purposes and hence, grabs a place in the list of best webcams in India for a smooth experience. This webcam is available in color black. This webcam is a very special feature which might interest the buyers.

  • This webcam provides you adjustable video resolution and rate of frames per second of a video. With this webcam one can record or stream high quality picture content at 1080p Full HD/ 30 fps and 720p/ 60 fps.
  • The video streaming quality of this webcam is very high and this webcam is capable to stream videos far more smoothly due to high fps.
  • This webcam offers background replacement technology and a wide 78-degree diagonal field of view angle.
  • This model of a webcam is only compatible with Windows 7 and later versions.
  • The lenses of this webcam are made up of good quality glass and inbuilt auto-exposure control settings.
  • The features like auto-focus and dual microphone for stereo audio are also offered by this webcam.

5. CASE U HW1 Webcam

Webcam by CASE U

CASE U is a well-recognized brand that produces high-quality products at an unbelievable price range. The webcam model HW1 is one of this company’s bestsellers and deserved a place in the list of best webcams in India. This webcam has a sleek body in color black. We recommend the buyers consider going through the following list of features to know more about this webcam model.

  • This webcam stands out among the rest of the webcams as it is waterproof.
  • This webcam functions well even in dim light.
  • The video recording or streaming video resolution offered by this webcam is 1080p Full HD at 30 fps.
  • This webcam has both HDR technology and an automatic light correction system to produce clearer and sharper video content quality.
  • This webcam is equipped with a universal clip, mono microphone with noise cancellation feature, and privacy shutter.
  • This webcam is very easy to use and is plug and play type so it does not require drivers to run in your pc/laptop/tablet/mac/LCD.
  • This webcam is compatible with Windows 7 or later, USD port, Mac, Android TV, etc. and mostly used for streaming skype, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. platforms.

6. Logitech C310 Webcam

Webcam by Logitech

Another great webcam model by Logitech is the C310 webcam which is worthy of being listed in the best webcams. This webcam has a simple body design and is available in the color black in the market. This webcam model is often used for video calling purposes and also works well for video streaming. Other features offered by this webcam save a spot for it in the list of best webcams in India, consider catching a glimpse of it.

  • This webcam offers a video resolution of 720p at 30 fps.
  • The batteries are included in the package with this webcam.
  • The lenses of this webcam are of standard quality which provides a 60-degree field of view angle.
  • This webcam has an auto-lighting adjustment system that balances the warmth, brightness, and contrast to bring out the best video quality even in surroundings with dim light.
  • This webcam has an inbuilt microphone that improves the audio quality during video streaming and also provides the feature of noise cancellation to function at your expectations even in chaotic surroundings.
  • This webcam has a universal clip that helps it to attach to your screen and is capable to stand on a desk as well.
  • It’s the best pick for laptops and tablets and is compatible with Windows 7,8,10 or later, Mac OS 10.10 or later versions as well as with Chrome OS.

7. HP w100 Webcam

am by HP

Providing the customer best features in their webcams in an affordable price range is HP. The webcam model w100 is one of the finest purchases in this price range and thus confirms its place in the list of best webcams in India in 2022. The body design of this webcam is simple yet unique available in the color black. It has some unique as well as basic functions which catch the eyes of a potential webcam buyer.

  • This webcam has a unique special feature known as the anti-shake feature.
  • The video capture resolution offered by this webcam is 480p at 30 fps. This webcam model is popular for video calling on the platforms such as Skype and Zoom.
  • This webcam has USB connectivity technology.
  • This webcam is very easy to use as it is plug and play type.
  • This webcam has an inbuilt microphone for better audio quality and even a noise cancellation feature.
  • This webcam is equipped with a universal clip and a tripod.
  • It has AWB technology which balances out the warmth and brightness automatically.
  • Universal compatibility is an eye-catching feature of this webcam.

8. Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam

Webcam by Lenovo

A well-renowned name in the Indian market is Lenovo. This webcam model 300 FHD has every feature for a good video streaming, conferencing, and calling experience that lists this webcam in the top eight webcams in India this year. One might surprise themselves by going through the list of features of this webcam.

  • This webcam offers video catching resolution of 1080p Full HD at 30 fps.
  • This webcam has a 2.1 CMOS camera.
  • This model of webcam has inbuilt 2 microphones which enhances the audio clarity to the next level and also provides the feature of noise cancellation.
  • This webcam has a 95-degree field of view angle and 360-degree rotation.
  • This webcam has easy plug-and-play connectivity.
  • This webcam is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions, Mac OS 10.14 and Chrome OS.
  • This webcam is a great pick for conferencing and streaming at the platforms such as Skype, YouTube, etc.
  • This webcam also comes with features like ultra-zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Webcams in India

Which company is best for webcam in India?

The top four best companies for webcam in India are Logitech, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Hp. There are a variety of great webcams both all-rounder and specifically designed for a particular purpose produced by these reliable brands.

Where can I buy a webcam in India?

You can buy a webcam online on shopping platforms such as Amazon and offline at any cyberstore and webcam company’s center in India.

Which is the best webcam available in India?

The best webcam is Logitech C920 and also available in India online. This model of Logitech is the overall best webcam as it has 1080p Full HD resolution, 1080p/30fps while video streaming, dim light auto-correction, auto-focus, etc.

How much does a webcam costs in India?

The price of the webcam starts from 500 Indian rupees and with the rise in quality of the webcam, features, and brand name of the webcam the value goes up.

Which is the cheapest and the best webcam?

Catch a glimpse of the list of cheapest and the best webcams in India:

  • Logitech Webcam HD C270
  • Lenovo 300 FHD
  • CASE U HW1
  • HP w200
  • Quantum QHM495LM


After going through this buying guide one can pick the option which best suits your requirement. Purchasing a webcam can increase the quality of your video calling and streaming ridiculously and is a great investment in our point of view.


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