10 best Induction Cooktops in India Buying Guide 2021

Kitchen appliances are making advancements to help ease a person’s experience in cooking. The new technology helps an individual to cut short their cooking time. The kitchen appliances including induction cooktops work as a personal assistant in the kitchen. The kitchen appliances are especially useful when you have a horde of guests coming over to your house and you have to prepare many delicious dishes. It also comes in handy when you are running late and need to speed up the process to reach your destination on time.

Induction cooking is a new technology that helps in making the cooking experience more efficient. The induction cooktop has a glass surface. There are electromagnetic coils under this glass surface. The electromagnetic waves pass through the coils and reach directly to the vessel. This results in the heating of the vessel whereas the glass cooktop remains cool. 

The cookware made for using induction cooktops should be made up of metals like stainless steel and iron. The facility and ease of cooking that are enjoyed by having an induction cooktop are not possible in any other types of cooktops. The main benefit of using an induction cooktop is that it saves the user from getting burns as the glass surface always remains cool and it also helps in reducing the use of energy and hence save our money in paying the bills for the same.

How to use an induction cooktop?

  1. The most essential aspect of using an induction cooktop is the vessel. The vessel needs to be made up of metals like steel and stainless steel. This is because only such metals help with the electromagnetic heating process.
  2. To check if you have the appropriate pan or not, you can try the following. Stick a magnet at the surface of your pan. If the magnet sticks then it means it can be used because magnets only stick to metals. If not, you have to buy new cookware.
  3. Turn on the switch for the induction cooktop. Depending on the model it could either be a button, a switch, or a touch setting.
  4. Place your vessel on the induction cooktop. When the induction cooktop will sense the metal, it will start to heat up immediately.
  5. The benefit of using an induction cooktop is that it is time-saving. Initially, assess the time it takes for an induction cooktop to cook a certain dish as it will take less time than it usually takes on other cooktops.

Factors to be considered while buying an induction cooktop

Buying an induction cooktop is an investment in itself. There are some things to consider and be cautious about before buying an induction cooktop.

The size

The induction cooktops are available in zones 1,2,3,4 and 5. Each zone can cook one dish. It is important to choose the cooktop depending on your use and the size of the kitchen. If you are efficient at multitasked activities and cook several dishes a day, as well as house a big kitchen then the zone 4 or 5 induction cooktop is practical. If you have a small kitchen and cater only to yourself by making an item a day then an induction cooktop with smaller zones is more feasible.

The thing to remember is that too cramped induction cooktops will not have enough space to regulate all controls efficiently. If all of the dishes are cramped on one induction cooktop then the grease, gravy, and food can spill over the control and they will stop responding to touch. The induction cooktop with a big body is a good choice as it has enough space for the PCB to cool down.

The vessels

Each induction cooktop can accommodate a certain type and size of the vessel. Check the manuals of all the induction cooktop and then decide the one that fits the size and description of your vessel. Furthermore, only vessels made up of metals like stainless steel and iron can be used for induction cooktop.

The control panel

There are usually three control panels, a rotating knob, a touch sensor, and press button control. The control panel has the settings to control the temperature, power, and preset settings. The control panel should be such that is easily understandable to you as well as fits your needs and purposes while cooking.

Benefits of using an induction cooktop

  1. Easy to clean.
  2. They are portable and hence can be carried anywhere.
  3. Prevents severe burns.
  4. Saves energy bills.
  5. Prepares food faster than other options
  6. Customized settings, the right fit for everyone.

List of 10 best induction cooktop in India

1 ibell Glass Induction Cooktop (Black)

The induction cooktop comes with a crystal glass that is of high quality. It also has a touch button control. It can adapt to high power voltage and it has multifunction features. For safety, it has an auto shut-off system and protection against overheating. The coils used for electromagnetic heating of the vessels are of high quality. There is a standard one-year warranty on the product. If the user registers with the company, they give a bonus 6 months warranty. 

2 Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop (Black)

The power used by this model is 230V and 1200W. It has antimagnetic walls. The model accommodates vessels specifically used for the induction cooktop. The bottom diameter of the model is 12cm to 26cm. The control panel has a push-button control. The highlight features of this model are that it has menu options customized specifically for the Indian menu, its cooling system is aerodynamic, it saves power and it has an automatic voltage regular. The package includes a user manual, the main unit, and the warranty card. The product has a one-year warranty.

3 Philips Viva 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

The model of induction cooking is specifically made to use in Indian-style cooking. To start it, it comes with a touch control so you have to touch the power button. This makes it easy to operate. It has time settings that accommodate a 0-3 hours presetting option. For safety, they have an auto shut feature. The product has a warranty of one year. The power it uses is 2100W. It operates on 220-240V. It comes with the main body and a user manual. The cookware used for this induction cooktop should not be heavier than 8 kg.

4 Prestige PIC 16.0 (Black)

The induction cooktop has a warranty for a year. It only accommodates cookwares that are made for induction cooktop cooking only. It uses the power of the 1900W. It has push buttons style control panel. The voltage required is 230V. It has three great features: 1. it is made especially for cooking Indian dishes, 2. it has a cooling system that is aerodynamic and a pause button for your convenience. It comes with a warranty card, manual, and the main body. The technology used to build this induction cooktop is made in a way to save energy. It has dual heat sensors. It also comes with an anti-magnetic wall. It is easy to clean and maintain. 

5 Usha Cook Joy 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

This model of an induction cooktop is best for its safety option. It is resistant to voltage up to 1500V. It saves energy and only uses a voltage of 50Hz. The pan has a sensor that detects the cookware and starts to heat up automatically. It also has manual settings for your customization of settings depending on your purpose and needs. For safety, they have ten Amp plug and earthing done. The cord of the induction cooktop is extra-long and flexible. Its length is 1.2m. It comes with five preset settings options. It comes with a manual and the main unit. 

6 Havells Insta Cook Grey Induction Cooktop, 1200 W

The induction cooktop accommodates four different styles and methods of cooking. It has LED lights installed for easy operation and convenience. You can adjust the levels of the power and pre-set the time on the timer. It consumes 1200W power. This induction cooktop has been rated the best of 5 stars by the users. It is especially useful to someone who is a professional chef or loves cooking different cuisines regularly. It has been made to ensure the safety of the user by protecting the wire with a rubber coating.

7 Pigeon Induction Cooktop (Feather Touch)

The induction cooktop consumes 1800 W of power. The control of the induction cooktop is touch settings and its soft touch. It saves your energy and bills related to it. It has a timer that you can use to set the time previous to cooking. For safety, it has an auto switch functionality. It has 8 menus installed on the induction cooktop. The plate of the same is made up of crystal. The display has LED lights for control. The settings that have LED lights are power and temperature settings. You can make dosa, dried idli, curry, hot milk, roti, etc on this induction cooktop. 

8 Philips Viva 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop with Sensor Touch (Black)

This induction cooktop comes with a timer. You can preset the timer from 0-3 hours. For settings, there are ten different options to customize the induction cooktop for your optimum use. For cooking, the induction cooktop comes with a glass panel that is of high quality. The settings are touch settings and the sensor is strong to help you cook. For safety, it has an auto-off switch. This induction top comes with one full year. It only accommodates the cookware that is designed especially for using the induction cooktop. The operating voltage is 220-240 V and the cord length is 1.2 m. It comes with a manual and an induction cooktop. 

9 Bajaj Majesty 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

The induction cooktop comes with eight preset settings options for customizing it according to your use. The control has a push-button setting. It also has a power switch that indicates how much power was used while cooking. If a vessel isn’t detected by the induction cooktop then the induction cooktop gets set off. This auto shut-off function was included for the best safety of the consumer. The warranty is provided for a year on the product. It uses 1900 W power and a voltage of 130-260 V. it comes with a manual, a list of all the service centers and their numbers, a warranty card, and the induction cooktop. 

10 Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Assorted Colors)

The model of the induction cooktop comes with a timer and a touch setting. It consumes a power of 1600 W and has the special feature of setting a timer before cooking for up to 3 hours. The voltage consumed is 220-240V. The cord’s length is 1.2m. It comes with six different options for cooking different dishes. It has a display of led lights for better operation. It detects the vessel on top of the glass surface automatically and shuts off automatically once the vessel is off. If the temperature is too high, it then also shuts off automatically. 

Buy the Best Induction Cooktop Now

Buying an induction cooktop is a good choice because it accommodates the need of a single college student as well as a joint family. The induction cooktop provides services that cannot be found in other types of induction cooktops. The above-mentioned points are to be kept in mind for buying the best induction cooktop that serves you the best.

You can relate to all those times when advancements in kitchen appliances made your life simpler. The food cooked in the induction cooktop is healthy. It also retains the aroma and the taste of the food for a longer time. Buying an induction cooktop is better than hiring a helper or cook. It’s a one-time investment and cuts your cooking time short. It also doesn’t need maintenance and it’s easier to clean. And the best feature? It will never ask for a holiday from you!


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