10 Best Water Dispensers and Pumps in India 2021: Buying Guide

In this era, people are getting more aware and are stressing over being health conscious. Whether it is about the skin or a healthy gut, it is important to have a good water dispenser in India, especially, for the intake of quality water. The purity of water quality matters a lot to stay healthy, hydrated, and fit. But due to industrialization and many other factors, several chemicals are added to water to kill the germs in it and make it safe for consumption. Still, there remains many bacteria, chlorine, lead, and many other elements that can be harmful to people.

To eliminate such contaminations, water dispensers are emerging as a necessity. This ensures the purity of water from harmful elements as well as keeps the natural minerals in water that are required by our bodies. Moreover, one can dispense hot, cold, and normal water which makes it more likable to be an all-season deal.

Types of Water Dispensers

There are plenty of water dispensers available in India. After considering certain features, here are the dispensers according to application types.

Point-of-use Water Dispensers

The most popular and preferable water dispensers in-home or specifically in the kitchen are point-of-use water dispensers. The water supply is added in this water dispenser and thus, also known as bottle-less type water dispensers.

Countertop Water dispenser

These units are small, portable, efficient, and the cheapest amongst all types of water dispensers. They are perfect while traveling or where electricity is not available. It saves space as well as a cost but it does not cool or warm water.

Top Load Bottled Water Dispenser

In this type of water dispenser, bottled-water is placed on top of the dispenser. 4-5 gallons of bottle-water can easily sit at the top which one can buy from any store. One just has to plug-in the application device and turn-on the unit.

Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser

This water dispenser is more preferable to those who value the look of any device. In this type of water dispenser, the bottled water instead of sitting at the top sits in the bottom cabinet. This gives out an illusion of a bottle-less dispenser.

Other Important Factors

Apart from types, several other factors hold equal importance in being the deciding factor for getting picked up by the consumers. Factors such as:

Number of users

The number of people who will be using the device plays the role of a deciding factor. One needs to calculate the amount of water consumption of all the members of the family or personnel’s using the water dispenser.


Before purchasing any kind of water dispenser, one must check the space requirement of the device and the place to put it. As per convenience, one can pick any type of dispenser.

Price Range

Different types of water dispensers come in different price ranges. Moreover, you can easily get a water dispenser that will fulfill your requirement without hurting your pocket.


There are certain water dispensers that need service after 6 to 12 months due to the filters installed in them. Moreover, one also needs to clean the dispenser valve for hygiene purposes.


The factor of drainage clears the doubt about where to place the water dispenser, as it is unpleasant to see a mess around the appliance. For safety measures, the water dispensers are kept in a dry place.

Features to look for in a Water Dispenser

Today, there are plenty of options available in the market. The marketing of brands and various features can be confusing. To choose the water dispenser that matches one’s requirements and budget, one can have a look at features such as:


In case one wants to purchase the water dispenser for the office or school then they must check whether the operation of the appliance is noise-free or not.

Power Consumption

There are a variety of water dispensers offered by different brands that function at different power levels. The water dispensers which offer the hot and cold option consume more power than the one with a simple dispensing system. Moreover, the size of the water dispenser also plays a role in the level of power consumed by the device.

Child Lock

Due to the feature of hot water, a Child lock is a must-have feature. It is for the security of the children around or using the dispenser. The child lock option will prevent such accidents and will make the use of the water dispenser by the children safer than ever.

Hot and Cold Feature

There is a variety of water dispensers available in the market which provides the features of hot, cold, and normal water dispensing. This is one of the beneficial features that make the device usable in all-seasons. Coldwater is a basic necessity in the summer and hot water is useful in making hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

Purification System

In the market, some brands offer only simple dispensers without filters and others with filters. The water dispensers with a purification system are popular amongst the masses and are also a healthier pick. The purification system helps in eliminating the chemicals like chlorine, lead, and other harmful bacteria without removing the natural minerals present in the water.

Cup Holder

This is an additional feature that is made available in their product by many renowned brands in the market. Water dispensers have an internal or external holding space specially designed for holding the cups.

Drip Tray

This feature is specially added for cleanliness purposes. As cleaning as well dispensing water can make a mess around with water dripping. Moreover, anyone can slip while surpassing the water dispenser. Thus, drip trays are added which makes it easy to clean, does not create any mess, and adds an extra safety factor.

Once the types and features of the water dispensers are understood, anyone can figure out the best water dispensers. But still there remains confusion due to many brands offering almost the same features.

Reviews of Best Water Dispensers in India in 2021

There are some water dispenser brands which have certain marketing strategies and advertisement that can mislead any consumer into buying the water dispenser which either is a pain in the pocket or does not fulfill their requirements at all. So it is important to know about the best-reviewed and top-listed water dispensers.

1 Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star

Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Model -14 liter

Blue Star is a highly trusted brand for providing quality products and services. This BWD3FMRGA Star model of water dispenser is quite popular among the masses. The color of the product will go with any interior décor of the kitchen or wherever one is planning to place it. This is ideal for families and groups of people living together.

Some features that can catch the eyes of buyers:

  • This water dispenser comes with a cooling cabinet in the bottom with a 14-liter storage capacity.
  • It comes in a standing design.
  • It has 3 different temperature taps: hot, cold and normal.
  • The cold temperature tap has a cooling capacity of 3 liters per hour and the hot temperature tap has a heating capacity of 5 liters per hour.
  • This model comes in the color combination of white and blue.
  • It has a very easy installation.
  • The body of this water cooler dispenser is made from ABS plastic and its tank from food-grade stainless steel material.
  • The warranty life of this product is 1 year.

2 Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

Image of Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser

Voltas is another high-rated home and kitchen appliance brand in India. This Plastic Pearl water dispenser by Voltas is a perfect combination of style and efficiency. Its design is stunning and it fulfills all the requirements of a customer.

Other features one must catch a glimpse on:

  • It comes with a cooling cabinet in the bottom which can store bottles, lunchboxes, etc.
  • It has three temperature tap settings which allow it to dispense cold, hot, and normal water.
  • The cold tap cooling and storage capacity in one hour is 3.2 liters whereas, the hot tap heating and storage capacity is 1 liter.
  • Ideal for keeping in office and living areas.

3. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

 Blue Star Bottom Loading- Best Water Dispenser

Blue star has created a perfect combination of sleek and stylish design of the water dispenser besides with efficiency at its best. It is a bottom-loading type of water dispenser. Its body is made from good quality plastic and this model is a very popular pick among the masses.

Other features and details one should consider before buying:

  • This water dispenser by blue star comes in blue color.
  • The body of the product is made from abs plastic.
  • The tap and tank of this water dispenser are built from food-grade stainless steel material.
  • The product is equipped with a heavy-duty bottle piercer with a bottle holder.
  • This consists of 3 temperature taps: hot, cold and normal.
  • The product has a manufacturer’s warranty life of 1 year.

4. YOMYM USB Charging Automatic Water Dispenser

YOMYM- USB Charging Automatic - Portable Water Dispenser

YOMYM brand is very popular nowadays with great customer feedback and top-rated reviews on Amazon. Its small size makes it highly portable and is made from good quality material. It is ideal for any household and can be put in use in an indoor as well as an outdoor area.

Some details and features one must check before buying this product:

  • The body is made from high-density abs plastic and is non-toxic and has no smell.
  • It is rechargeable and has long battery life so no need to charge regularly.
  • The battery life lasts for up to 30 days and it can effortlessly dispense about 4-6 bottles of 5-gallon water.
  • It is equally easy and quick to use even for the elderly members of the house as well as the children.
  • It is suitable for dispensing pure bottled water and has no additional filters in its system.
  • It works as a replacement for the top-loading dispenser.
  • Pocket-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • This water dispenser is compatible with a bottle capacity of a minimum of 5 liters and requires the gallon barrels with a 2.16-inch neck which is 5.5 cm.
  • Easy to install and has a quiet operation.
  • It has 2 light indicators: blue for working, red for charging, and Lights off when fully charged.


5. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T

Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T table top type - water dispenser

Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T is a top bottle-loaded type of water dispenser which is appreciated by the customers and is easily available online. This is a tabletop type of water dispenser and is available in white color. It is suitable for office purposes and always appropriate for the house kitchen.

Some important features one should catch a glimpse of before buying this product:

  • It has three temperature taps which allows one to dispense cold, hot, and normal water.
  • This water dispenser has the storage capacity of cold and hot water about 3.2 liters and 0.9 liters, respectively.
  • This water dispenser has a cooling and heating capacity of water of about 3 liters and 5 liters per hour.
  • It consists of LED indicator lights.
  • It has a warranty life of 1 year.


6. Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser

Usha Insta fresh Water Dispenser with cooling cabinet

A reliable and popular brand with good quality products and services is Usha. This Usha Instafresh water dispenser is simple to use and has added features like the cooling cabinet. It is ideal for any family size as well as can be used in school and even offices.

Some features one should look forward to before buying this product:

  • It has a cooling cabinet which can be used to store water bottles, juices as well as fruits and vegetables.
  • It drains out hard and impure water which is stored and can be used in other household chores such as watering the garden.
  • It contains an LED indication
  • This product is environmentally friendly and is placed even in small corners of your house or office.
  • The heating capacity of this product is about 5 liters per hour.
  • This product offers three temperature tap settings: cold, hot, and normal.
  • It has a warranty life of 1 year.

7. Konquer Times KTS Can Dispenser

Konquer Times KTS Can Dispenser- Portable-1200mAh battery life

This water dispensing pump is portable, making it ideal for carrying while traveling or using indoors or outdoor. This brand is quite popular in this category and has great customer feedback making it reliable and efficient. It is small in size and runs with batteries.

Some feature to catch a glimpse of before purchasing this product:

  • This water dispensing pump has a 1200mAh battery life due to which one does not need to charge it regularly.
  • It has an on/off button.
  • It is equipped with LED color indicators: red for charging, blue for working and the LED indicators turn off after getting fully charged.
  • It fits on the screw top type bottle mouths with a water holding capacity of 2, 3, 4, and 5-gallon bottles.
  • It can be used conveniently by children, women, and elderly family members.


8. Blue Star Plastic Water Dispenser

Blue Star Plastic Best Water Dispenser-2021

This water dispenser by the Blue Star is a top bottle type dispenser. It is small in size and has manual switches of turning it on/off. It is a popular pick in this category and serves all the requirements of a small or medium-sized family. It can be placed anywhere, whether it be the hall or kitchen corner. It has a simple design and comes in a color combination of white and blue.

Some other features and details of this product one should catch a glimpse of:

  • The body of this water dispenser is made up of good quality ABS plastic and the tank from Food Grade stainless steel.
  • This water dispenser has three temperature push taps that can dispense hot, cold, and normal water.
  • The hot push tap system consumes 500W as heating power.
  • This water dispenser has a warranty life of 1 year.

9. ATLANTIS Table Top Water Dispenser

ATLANTIS Table Top Water Dispenser- 2 Liter

ATLANTIS is a popular brand in this category and also a reliable one. This tabletop-type water dispenser is easy to install and has an efficient performance. It is ideal for all family sizes and can be used in the office or hospital surroundings. The design is pretty simple and will go with any basic type of kitchen décor.

Some other details and features that may interest buyers:

  • This water dispenser is an ideal pick for the hospital and family household environment.
  • This product has a 2 temperature glass tap which dispenses hot and normal water.
  • It is not a purifier and only works as a dispenser.
  • It is easy to install and work, it requires the user to attach the bottle from the top.
  • Turn the product on only after attaching the water can.
  • The product has a heating capacity of 5 liters per hour and a holding capacity of 1 liter.
  • It has a holding capacity of 2 liters for normal water.

10. Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R

Voltas Mini Magic Pure-R with small refrigerator cabinet

Voltas is a reliable brand name and provides good quality products and services. This Mini Magic Pure-R by Voltas is a popular pick in this category. This is ideal for office, school, and house environments. It has a basic design with a simple color combination of white and blue that will go with any kitchen or hallway décor.

Some details and features of this product that one should eye on before purchasing it:

  • This water dispenser comes with a refrigerator/cooling cabinet at the bottom.
  • This product has three temperature tap settings which allow it to dispense cold, hot, and normal water.
  • It has a dripping tray to avoid any chances of creating a mess in the surroundings.
  • It also has a hot water tap lock to provide an extra safety measurement around children.
  • It has a cold water storage capacity of 3.2 liters and a hot water storage capacity of 1 liter.
  • The heating capacity of this device is 5 liters per hour.
  • The cooling capacity of this device is 2 liters per hour.
  • This water dispenser has a warranty life of 1 year.

Cost of Different Types of Water Dispenser and Pumps

The cost of the water dispensers and pumps depends upon factors like their type, usage, installation, design, advanced features, and brand name. On average the dispensing pumps cost between 1000-3000 rupees. The Top bottle loaded with a refrigerator cost between 7000-13000 rupees. The top or bottom load without the refrigerator or cooling cabinet costs between 5000-9000 rupees.

Features like the number of dispensing faucets or temperature taps also play a factor in determining the price of the appliance.

Best Water Dispensers in India

The market is filled with a variety of water dispensers and pumps designed to fulfill all possible requirements of the customers. To select the ideal match of your requirements and to prevail the maximum out of your investment, one must know the important facts to differentiate a good and bad dispenser. This buying guide gives a proper insight into which product has the potential to match what kind of needs.


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